FREE Squarespace Biz Blogging Workshop

  • Generate leads by showcasing your expertise and solving problems.
  • Get found online - Google is paying attention, people.
  • End writer’s block for good.

market your business each month By blogging on Squarespace.


Make time to:

Generate enough blog post topic ideas to end writer’s block forever, using free online tools to research what your ideal clients and customers are searching online.

Optimize each Squarespace blog post with targeted keywords so that Google will notice and site visitors that need your products and services will find YOU first.

Grow your library of posts so that you can promote across your social media channels and in your newsletters. Here’s to more visibility, clicks and shares, and more importantly, LEADS!

Who’s this workshop for?

For Squarespace Web Designers & Entrepreneurs with Squarespace websites.

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Boring but Eye-Opening Stats!

Did you know that 81% of US online consumers trust information and advice from blogs.
— Blogher
Did you know that 70 - 80% of users ignore paid ads and only focus on organic results.
— Search Engine Land
 Squarespace Biz Blogging Workshop with Kath O'Malley, Squarespace Designer Partner

Your Workshop Host.

Hi, I'm Kath.

Each month, I host a FREE 2-day workshop over on Facebook so that we entrepreneurial types can focus on marketing our businesses through blogging with Squarespace.

Blogging has been one of the top sources of leads and sales for me since I started. It's not the right tool for all businesses. But if blogging is on your list to market your business, join us today!

Make Time for Your Business.

I'll be blunt, I started these free workshops on Facebook because I have NOT been making time to market my own business through blogging (and video).

I figured if I host a workshop, I will have NO CHOICE but to show up. Ha ha ha.




Meh! I don't like blogging and neither do my clients, but we want a blog. Can you do it for me? Or my clients?

I can. Sure. Probably. Get in touch.