Team up with a Squarespace Designer Partner without spending a cent*

*Sounds crazy. But it’s possible.

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You're A Squarespace Website Designer

With too many clients. Too many projects. Too many revision requests. And not enough time to do it all. You’re turning away perfectly good leads. And perfectly good money.

Sound like you?

Enter Your Squarespace Web Designer Partner

Conquer scope creep, bad copy, and delayed launches once and for all


What I Can Do For You & Your Clients


We put our heads together (knock knock) and come up with a brilliant Squarespace package that will wow your clients and make you more money. Meanwhile, you get to focus on what you love most - DESIGN.


Messaging & Strategy

Interview clients to capture their message and learn more about their market and website goals. Help clients write website copy, headlines and calls to action that just work.

Copy Consulting

Teach clients how to write for the web. No more 5-page essays, point form drafts, zero copy at all, or worse, post launch edits and new text that muck up your design.


Squarespace Training

Stop the incessant “how do I” emails. A 1:1 training session plus custom training videos means your clients will be able to do small upgrades themselves and only come back to you for the big design and rebrand jobs.


Who is this partnership for?


Squarespace web designers with

  • an unmanageable schedule, picky clients and / or low project rates that they want to increase.

  • excellent sales skills but who struggle to launch on time which, of course, affects cashflow. Eeek.

  • clients who don't get what content is (and why they have to provide it before the design starts!)


Lovely words from my web design clients

Heather PInay Authentically Business & Life Solutions Testimonial

Kath is an absolute dream to work with. She is efficient and strategic - and her copy is goal-oriented and warm. I use her for every web project that is out of my scope! She is my fave.


Find out more about the work I do with Heather as part of the Authentically Team.

Sarah Beth Moon

Kath is the best! Whenever I take on a new project of some size, the first thing I do is make sure I get Kath scheduled to help. She's that great. Plus eagle-eyed attention to the little details. 


Find out more about the work I do with Sarah as part of Sarah Moon and Co.'s Team.

Michaela Latavanha Bonfires and Ukuleles Web Design

I got a good feel of your writing abilities via your newsletter. You really went above & beyond and delivered high-quality work on time, plus you over delivered with swipe files and all sort of goodies. You are a true gem. I'm so glad I found you.

Michaela, (formerly bonfireandukuleles)


There is no one size fits all partnership.  


Squarespace designers who have worked with me have:

  • Raised their rates. Think 400% rate increase.

  • Developed efficient Squarespace design packages so that they could say yes to good-fit clients on tight budgets and have increased sales of these packages by 50%.

  • Hosted in person workshops to help entrepreneurs grow their businesses, write SEO-friendly blogs (and update their Squarespace websites).

  • Added copy consulting to their web design packages so they get their content on time and stay on schedule.


What will our partnership look like?




Q1. What are your rates?

I believe in collaboration not outsourcing (though there's nothing wrong with outsourcing per se.) I partner with - not work for - Squarespace web designers because I want to help you grow your web design business.

In other words, help you make money, keep your projects on track and make your clients happy. My fees start at CAD$2000 depending on design package.

You add my rate onto your package fees and we deliver a fabulous website, on brand messaging and copy and a brilliant marketing strategy. Your client is thrilled. Triple win!

Q2. Do you offer hourly editorial, copywriting and Squarespace services?

I sometimes offer hourly services - as part of a project or package.

If we like working together and you have clients that need an hour or two of Squarespace updating or follow up training that you don't have time for, I can help you at my hourly rate of CAD$100/hour.

Minimum booking is 2 hours and I'm not available on demand.

(Nope. I'm not a fan of hourly...but in a pinch, happy to help you.)

Q3. My clients need one-on-one training. Do you teach how to use Squarespace?

As a Squarespace Authorized Trainer, I definitely do. Get in touch to discuss how to include my training services in your web design packages.

Q4. Aren’t you in direct competition with me?

Uh, heck no! Ok, Listen up. I know Squarespace inside and out and can lay out a page super quick. But let’s face it. I’m not a graphic designer. I’m verbal. I dream in words, not images. And I’m a process person. And a writer type. That’s why we’re probably the perfect fit.

Q5. I’m not good at sales. Can you help with that?

Truth be told, I'm not all that good at sales either. I’m much better behind the scenes getting your client's messaging just right, training them in how to use Squarespace and writing conversion copy while you network and woo clients.

If you’re not good at sales, partnering with me is probably not the best choice because you’ll need to be confident about raising your rates and getting clients.

Q6. What’s your work style?

Funny. I was just going to ask you that myself! ;)

I generally schedule blocks of time depending on the time vlines and type of package. You’ll get the best partnership from me that way.

I’m not into inefficient back & forth emails and text messages, especially at 9pm. Let’s get your clients out of that habit. I don’t expect you or your clients to be available all day when I’m working on a project, but I do expect you to be available for feedback / revisions at set times - so that we make decisions quickly and don’t waffle and waste time.

Pet peeve = wasting time. There, I said it.

Q7. What do you mean "Don't Spend a Cent." Aren't I paying you?

No (and yes). My rates are my rates. If you partner with me, you'll integrate those rates into your design package fees or proposals trusting that I'll do my part of the project - making for a very happy client.

You don't pay out from your current rate - you raise your rates first. By providing all this extra value to your client, you'll add to your own bottom line.

The yes part is that you are the face of your business and do the client onboarding and invoicing. Your client pays you. You pay me. Simple.

Q4. How do you handle client revisions?

In packages I create with designers, I offer at least one or two live editing sessions and that is usually enough.

I'm strict about revisions. In other words, I charge for them. My "clear the deck" rate starts at CAD$6000. I'm not kidding.

If your client is indecisive or is allowing others to weigh in on copy and design, the revision cycle can get outta control. If clients require edits that are outside the scope of the package or agreed upon goals and deliverables - they have to pay for it. If we partner up on a design package, we'll make sure your contract includes language that explains you charge clients for revisions that they, or their Great Aunt Marge, request.

Don't see an answer here? Contact me and ask away.


 Squarespace Training and Consulting with Kath O'Malley, Squarespace Designer Partner

Your Squarespace Web Designer Partner.

Hi, I'm Kath.

I work with creative Squarespace web designers like you using smart, logical and time-saving methods to build, update and write copy for your clients' Squarespace websites.

Scope creep happens. It simply does. If you're turning away web design projects that you would love to do, but can't, because your other projects never end, then get in touch.

Keep your clients happy and yourself sane - and paid on time. Together, we'll set up a system that works for you to streamline your web design process and train your clients.

Add my copy framework services to your web design packages so that you'll get the strategic copy you need to design and launch your clients' websites by your deadline.

The Qualification Stuff

I have a Bachelor of Education from the University of Toronto and a Bachelor of Journalism from Carleton University, so I've got that nice mix of teacherly and writerly to help your clients understand the web design process right from the get go. 

And I know Squarespace like nobody's business.

Ready to team up?