You're a Squarespace Website Designer


With too many clients. Too many projects. A waiting list. 
And not enough time to do it all. 


Enter your Squarespace Web Designer Partner

I collaborate with you to write, edit and proofread web copy and help you organize your clients' Squarespace website projects so you can focus on what you love most - DESIGN.


SEO-friendly Copywriting and Editing for Squarespace Web Designers

Web Copywriting & Editing

That copy your client sent you needs serious editing, proofreading and pruning. Heck, it needs a rewrite.

You've been hired to design their site but you know that content is also king and their content, er, sucks. 

Your clients don't know that they need to include some SEO-friendly headings or avoid writing in stiff third person (unless stiff third person is their thing.) 

Build copywriting and editing into your web design proposals and add me to your team to do the rest.

Squarespace Set Up, Project Management and Quality Control


Scope creep happens. It simply does. You're turning away web design projects. Projects you would love to do, but can't because your other project never seems to end. 

Keep your clients happy and yourself sane. Together, we'll set up a project management system that works for you and your clients to streamline your web design process.

Adding my services to your web design packages means your clients will get the revisions, simple CSS & HTML coding and new updates they want and the training they need to maintain their sites while you move on to your next big project.

What I Can Do For You & Your Clients

  • set up a project management system that works for you
  • streamline your web design process
  • copywriting | editing | proofreading
  • duplicating | formatting | populating pages
  • fiddling with CSS & HTML code-y bits

Put these on my plate, so you can move on
to your next big project.


lovely words from my web design clients

Heather PInay Authentically Business & Life Solutions Testimonial

Kath is an absolute dream to work with. She is efficient and strategic - and her copy is goal-oriented and warm. I use her for every web project that is out of my scope! She is my fave.

Heather, www.authentically.ca 

Find out more about the work I do with Heather as part of the Authentically Team.

Sarah Beth Moon www.sarahmoon.net

Huge thanks to @kathomalley for her amazing help in pulling this site (Hui No'Eau Visual Arts Center - Maui) together and eagle-eyed attention to the little details. 

Sarah, www.sarahmoon.net

Find out more about the work I do with Sarah as part of Sarah Moon and Co.'s Team.

Michaela Latavanha Bonfires and Ukuleles Web Design

I got a good feel of your writing abilities via your newsletter. You really went above & beyond and delivered high-quality work on time, plus you over delivered with swipe files and all sort of goodies. You are a true gem. I'm so glad I found you.

Michaela, www.bonfiresandukuleles.com


What are your rates?
I believe in collaboration not outsourcing (though there's nothing wrong with outsourcing per se.) I partner with - not work for - Squarespace web designers because I want to help you grow your web design business.

In other words, help you make money and keep your clients happy.

My fixed rate project fees start at CAD$800 and I schedule work in blocks of time (I'm all about focus and efficiency!)

You tack my rate onto your project quote, send a proposal over to your client, your client says YES.

We deliver a fabulous product and your client is thrilled.

Win win win!


Want to test out how this works? Get in touch.


Do you offer hourly editorial, copywriting and Squarespace services? 
Yes, I offer hourly services - after we've first partnered up on at least one project at a fixed rate.

If we like working together and you have clients that need an hour or two of Squarespace updating, copywriting or copy editing that you don't have time for, I can help you at my hourly rate of CAD$85/hour.

Minimum booking is 2 hours.

My clients need one-on-one training. Do you teach how to use Squarespace?
Yes I do. Get in touch to discuss how to include my training services in your cost quotes or as an add on service. 
I'm not a web designer, do you work with other entrepreneurs?
Yes I do. Check out the Squarespace Design in a Day and Online Training Packages to see what I offer for creative entrepreneurs.


Ready to work together?