The Copywriting Partnership

For Squarespace Web Designers*

Launch your clients' websites on time with design-ready, goal-oriented copy. Team up with a copywriter who 'gets' the web design process and respects deadlines.


*Heck, any web designer.


Say NO To Twiddling Your Thumbs And Delaying Your Projects 

(Are you still waiting for that copy from 3 months ago?)


How it Works

Client Interview

A focused chat with your client to learn about their story, their business plus all the benefits of their services.


A copy framework for 3 main pages and a collaborative editing/copy consulting session with your client.

Design-ready Copy

Proofread copy delivered to you on time so you can design and launch by deadline. Celebrate!


The No Dilly Dally Timeline 

(Ooh, you'll like this.)

Once you book me, turnaround time is fast. You tell me your deadline and I'll have it to you well before then.


Who is this copywriting partnership for?


Squarespace {and other web designers} who:

  • are tired of the bottlenecks, scope creep and delays
  • are comfortable charging rates for a full service copywriting and design package
  • love to collaborate with other service providers as partners and equals, rather than as a 'boss'

Is this you?


Your Copywriting Partner.

Hi, I'm Kath.

I partner with web designers on the regular to write and edit web copy, do digital strategy, and build Squarespace websites. I'm known for being able to wrangle client content so that web designers like you get their copy on time. 

Nothing holds up a project quite like delayed copy.

The big secret to getting copy on time? Writing much of it for your client in the first place. If you're a designer, that might not be your wheelhouse. Or you simply might not have time.

That's where I come in. My process includes interviewing your client to hear, in their words, all about their business, their dreams, their goals and their story. Nail that down first and copy comes easily afterwards.

The Qualification Bits

I have a Bachelor of Education from the University of Toronto and a Bachelor of Journalism from Carleton University. That little degree combo means I know how to glean info from clients that will make them shine in internet-land. 

 Squarespace Training and Consulting with Kath O'Malley, Squarespace Designer Partner