Design-First Web Copy Consulting

Launch your Squarespace website on time with design-ready, goal-oriented copy and messaging.


You picked a Squarespace template or bought a Squarespace design kit because you love the look and it was easy to get started. What’s taking time is filling up your website with engaging words that will attract clients and customers. Worse, it’s messing up the lovely design!


The Design-First Web Copy Method

Together, we’ll strategize, develop and fine-tune content that fits your favourite Squarespace template and aligns with your website goals.

Interview & Research

Discover your relatable story and learn how your products and services will benefit your clients and customers.

Web Content Development & Consulting

Together we'll write and refine 5 key pages to fit your Squarespace template design. Learn how to 'speak' to your ideal clients during collaborative copy consulting sessions.

Design-ready Copy

Replace filler text on your website with homepage and other copy that fits your Squarespace template design. It's that easy! Bonus, Squarespace training thrown in.

Timeline & Rate

From scheduled date, between 1 - 2 weeks.

Starts at CAD $1500.


Who is Design-First Web Copy Consulting for?


Service-based business owners and consultants who:

  • Are struggling to complete their Squarespace website because the words aren’t flowing

  • Write-like-a-robot (that’s ok. We can fix that.)

  • Love the design of their Squarespace template but can’t make the words fit

  • Know that great copy is what gets people to click, contact and buy

Is that you?

Prefer a fabulous custom Squarespace site to go with your fresh copy? Check out my Design in a Day™ Pro partnership with SMCO.


Your Copy Consulting Partner.

Hi, I'm Kath.

I partner with biz owners, consultants and freelancers like you to develop your messaging and copy that attracts clients and leads. We’ll make sure the copy replaces the filler text of the template perfectly so it doesn’t destroy the design.

The big secret to writing copy? Figuring out your messaging, ‘eavesdropping’ on your ideal clients, and dropping the jargon. My method includes interviewing you to hear, in your words, all about your business, your goals, your main message, and your story. Then, we research the words your clients use to describe problems they have and solutions they need. Nail that down first and copy comes easily afterwards.

The Qualification Bits

I have a Bachelor of Education from the University of Toronto and a Bachelor of Journalism from Carleton University. That little degree combo means I know how to glean info from you and your ideal clients and customers so that your words will sparkle out there in internet-land. 

Squarespace Training and Consulting with Kath O'Malley, Squarespace Designer Partner