Learn Squarespace Fast, Like a Pro.

Build your dream Squarespace website with one-on-one custom training & skip those time-consuming e-courses and vids.

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Quit tearing your hair out wondering why Squarespace is so hard to use

(When everyone promised it was easy!)


Stress Free

Learn stress-free page layout tips that you can use each time you update your Squarespace site.



Set up pages like a marketing expert to attract the right kind of traffic and get leads and subscribers.



Get your specific questions answered. No more Googling for 5 hours for that one tiny tweak.


Your Waste-No-More-Time Squarespace Training includes:

  • a 2 hour custom training session delivered via Zoom

  • a hidden page on your website with links to relevant tutorials, custom how-to videos, and customer service information so that you don't have to spend hours on YouTube searching for answers

  • 1 week of email support as you build out your Squarespace website. I answer your questions once a day via email and will send you links to video tutorials and Squarespace support docs to help you learn what you need to know.


Who this training is for?

  • Do-it-Yourself entrepreneurs and freelancers brand new to Squarespace

  • Overbooked web designers and marketers whose clients want Squarespace websites. Save yourself hours figuring out the platform’s quirks and schedule a training today.


CAD $500

(Pssst - Think of the time saved. You'll be doing paid work instead of desperately watching tutorials till well past midnight.)


The Squarespace Training package is best for service-based DIYers and designers with zero to very basic knowledge of the Squarespace platform.


Squarespace Training FAQs

Will I have a finished site by the end of the training session?

First, I don’t think there’s such a thing as a ‘finished’ site. :)

Will you have a launch-ready site by the end of the training (and the week of email support)? The answer: It depends. It depends on how much time you devote to building out your site, how many pages you have, if you’ve decided on fonts and a colour palette, how much content (images, text, settings info, etc) you have ready to add to your site. Content is crucial - without content, you have no site!

Here’s what’s possible: By the end of the week, if you have your text/images ready and have made style decisions, you can launch with a Home Page that includes a blurb about your main service, an About page and a Contact page. Don’t let perfection and complexity hold you back.

What if I have no content yet? Can I still do the training?

Yes. Just let me know and I’ll have ‘lorem ipsum’ dummy text ready to go. We’ll use Unsplash’s free stock photography. Unsplash partners with Squarespace so you can search for and add images using the image, gallery and other image content blocks. For fonts and colours, we’ll use the template’s default and I’ll show you where and how to change them up and what to watch out for!


Here’s what’s not included in this training:

  • How to customize your Squarespace website using code

  • How to set up your 3rd party integrations such as Mailchimp and Acuity, although I can show you how and where to embed your 3rd party integrations to your Squarespace site using the code block or built-in content blocks

  • How to set up a Squarespace e-Commerce store

  • How to create graphic designs in Photoshop or Canva for your website

  • Hourly sessions - this training is an all-in-one package with a pre-training questionnaire so I can learn about the goals for your website and business so we can focus on what’s best for you to learn first as well as post-training daily email support for 1 week



Learn how to build, manage and troubleshoot your way around your Squarespace website. Adding fresh and topical content makes your potential clients and customers excited about working with you.

Your Squarespace Authorized Trainer.

Hi, I'm Kath.

I train entrepreneurs and freelancers using smart, logical and time-saving methods to build and update Squarespace websites.

Together, we cut right to the chase and solve specific editing and styling problems. I know how frustrating it is seeking answers to something that SHOULD be easy, but just isn't.  

Half the battle is knowing where to look in the first place.

Using the correct jargony jargon is the other half of the battle.  

Little Known Facts

I have a Bachelor of Education from the University of Toronto and taught IT even though the kids knew waaaaay more than I did. What they didn't know how to do was troubleshoot and find workarounds.

That, my fellow Squarespace-rs is my secret weapon. And it can be yours too.

Squarespace Training and Consulting with Kath O'Malley, Squarespace Designer Partner