Learn Squarespace Fast, Like a Pro.

Build your dream Squarespace website with one-on-one custom training & skip those time-consuming e-courses and vids.

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Quit tearing your hair out wondering why Squarespace is so hard to use

(When everyone promised it was easy!)


Stress Free

Learn stress-free page layout tips that you can use each time you update your Squarespace site.



Set up pages like a marketing expert to attract the right kind of traffic and get leads and subscribers.



Get your specific questions answered. No more Googling for 5 hours for that one tiny tweak.


Choose from 2 Waste-No-More-Time Squarespace Training Labs



Book me for 1 full day and get

- up to 3 hours custom training session delivered via Zoom

- 3 - 4 hours of done-for-you edits, 3rd party connections, behind-the-scenes settings, workflow/process streamlining and more.

- 1 week of daily (M-F) email support while you practice and build out the rest of your Squarespace website

CAD $1200

Schedule a Training



Book me for 1 full day and get

- Everything in VIP Lab +

- a 1 hour SEO-focused content strategy session with Squarespace Specialist Sarah Moon of SMCo

- SEO Action Plan for you (or me) to implement on your Squarespace Website

CAD $1700

Schedule a Training


Who’s this day-long lab for?

For service-based consultants, freelancers and web designers just starting out on Squarespace who need to sail past that learning curve so they can get on with doing their actual paid work.

(Pssst - Think of the time saved. No more desperately watching tutorials till well past midnight.)


Prefer Done-for-You Design?


Training and DIYing sounds fun and all, that’s why you’re here.

But you realize a) web design is not really your thing and b) you have paid client work to do! That’s why my colleague Sarah Moon and I developed our signature, quick launch Squarespace Design in a Day™ process for service-based business folks like you.


Your Squarespace Authorized Trainer.

Squarespace Training and Consulting with Kath O'Malley, Squarespace Designer Partner

Hi, I'm Kath.

I train entrepreneurs, freelancers and newbie Squarespace web designers using smart, logical and time-saving methods to build and update Squarespace websites.

I know how frustrating it is seeking answers to something that SHOULD be easy, but just isn't.  

Half the battle is knowing where to look in the first place.

Using the correct jargony jargon is the other half of the battle.  

Little Known Facts

I have a Bachelor of Education from the University of Toronto and taught IT even though the kids knew waaaaay more than I did. What they didn't know how to do was troubleshoot and find workarounds.

That, my fellow Squarespace-rs is my secret weapon. And it can be yours too.


Squarespace Training FAQs

Will I have a finished site by the end of the VIP lab?

First, I don’t think there’s such a thing as a ‘finished’ site. :)

Will you have a launch-ready site by the end of your VIP or VIP + SEO Lab? The answer: It depends. You’ll need to make some content and style decisions before your VIP Lab. Fonts. Colour Palette. Images. The words you’ll put on your website. Content is crucial - without content, you have no site!

Here’s what’s possible: if you’ve already written your copy (aka text), chosen your images and optimized them for the web and know what colours/fonts you want to use prior to the lab, you can probably have a Home Page that includes a blurb about your signature service and a simple Contact and About Page. Together, we’ll also have filled in all the behind the scenes stuff too. That’s a launchable site, imo.

Don’t let perfection and complexity hold you back.

What if I have no content yet? Can I still do the lab?

I wouldn’t, if I were you. Prep your content first, then let’s chat. Need some guidance?

You can also book a call with me to discuss your website goals, how Squarespace will help you achieve these goals and tips on getting started with Squarespace.

How does Email Support work?

You receive one email from me from Monday to Friday. In each email, I answer up to 5 Squarespace-specific questions per day so that you don’t get stuck as you build out your site. Usually email support includes a custom video. Read the ‘IMPORTANT’ section below for questions or Done-for-You edits that I don’t cover during the training or emails. Instead, I’ll suggest resources or individuals who can help you, if needed.

I want to switch my template, can you do that?

Yes, I can switch templates into one of the Brine Family of templates during a lab. I’ll make the switch first before our scheduled training session. Then we can make tweaks and address any oddness during the training and 5 days of email support.

Be prepared to be frustrated. Sometimes the switch brings up something unexpected, even if you like the change overall.

Did you know that if your template is in the same template family, you don’t need to switch? I even wrote a blog post about it!

I’m a web designer / marketer who is building a a client’s site for the first time on Squarespace, can you help me out here?

Yes, of course. Either Lab is perfect for newbie Squarespace designers. I can help you get a bunch of stuff done so that you finish up your client’s project sooner, rather than later. (Hello to getting paid on time!) In training, you’ll learn some cool tricks and shortcuts, so that on your next project, you’ll be able to do it on your own.

Prefer a 1 hour call with sound advice on what to look out for? Book it here.

How does the SEO + VIP Lab work?

I recommend you book your SEO-focused content strategy session with Sarah at least 1 week before our VIP lab day so that together, we can implement her recommendations in the action plan. If timewise, you prefer to do the VIP Lab day first, not a problem. With training, you’ll learn exactly where you need to add your SEO-related content on your own.

Are you designing my site for me during a full day lab?

No. During the Done-for-You section of the lab, I’ll make edits, add content, connect 3rd party apps and layout pages based on your design direction using Squarespace’s built in tools and content blocks. During the training you’ll learn how to use Squarespace so you can design and update the rest of your site at your own pace.

Before your booked day, we’ll prioritize what you need to learn and what I can do for you in the time available.

If you’d rather have someone design your brand new site for you, check out Design in a Day™ with my colleague, Squarespace Specialist Sarah Moon. You give us all your content and we take care of the rest. (And yes, there’s a training at the end of it!)


What’s NOT included in these labs?

  • Customizing your Squarespace website using complex code. We can tweak your site with simple CSS code where needed.

  • Setting up Mailchimp, Acuity and other 3rd party integrations. If you’ve set these up already, I can embed your 3rd party tools to your Squarespace site using the code block or built-in content blocks (and then show you how for next time.)

  • Writing your website, newsletter sign up, or other copy.

  • Creating graphic designs in Photoshop or Canva for your website.

Sound Good?