Blogging with Squarespace Packages

~ For Web Designers and Their Clients ~


Content is king, they say.
Start blogging, they say.

You've launched yet another gorgeous Squarespace website and your client is elated. And then she asks, now what? How do I get my website found? Why isn't it on the first page of Google yet? 

You suggest she start blogging to boost SEO and build a brand.
There's a loooong pause. See, you're already onto your next project, but you don't want to turn away a favourite client either.

I can help.


Blogging with Squarespace

Content Marketing Strategy + Blog Articles
+ SEO Optimization for Squarespace Blogs

Start your client's strategic Squarespace blog off right with

  • a website visitor journey map capturing 4 key areas based on an ideal client type.
  • 12 longtail keywords your client's ideal website visitors are searching
  • 4 how to / problem-solving style blog posts uploaded & SEO-optimized directly in Squarespace
  • Checklist on where to put keywords in a
    Squarespace blog post
  • 24 blog posts topic ideas (that's half a year!)


  • Blog content calendar template
  • Guide on how to repurpose and reuse blog content - think content strategy!
  • Duplicable draft blog post set up in Squarespace that includes a call to action, newsletter sign up, author bio and headshot.**


**Client provides own copy and images, designer provides suggested layout.


The DIYer Option for Clients

All of the above except clients write their own blog posts. 


Blogging involves updating your site frequently, which helps search engines see it as an active site. Even if you’re a business and not a blogger, adding a Blog Page and updating it regularly with relevant content could potentially benefit your SEO while building your brand.
— Squarespace

The Process

Step 1 - Client Scheduling & Payment (50%) + Questionnaire


Step 2 - Ideal Web Visitor Journey Map + Keyword Research + Client Feedback

Step 3 - Batch write 4 Blog posts + Client Feedback + 1 round of revisions

Step 4 - Client Payment (50%) + Upload & Optimize Blog posts in Squarespace. Create duplicable draft blog post.



Questionnaire to be completed at least 2 days before project begins.

The Blogging with Squarepace project takes 7 days from start to finish. Clients should be available to provide feedback for steps 2 and 3 during the keyword research and blog writing week. 


I provide special rates to web designers who partner with me on various projects including the Blogging with Squarespace packages. Contact me to learn more about how we can partner up.

For my clients in other fields and businesses, my starting rate for this package is CAD $1200.