12 + Ways to Troubleshoot your Bilingual Squarespace Website

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12 + Ways to Troubleshoot YOur Bilingual Squarespace Website

Back in April 2017, I helped a client and friend create a simple, small bilingual Squarespace website using the Rally Template.

It was a fun challenge and we were able to make it work for her business, so I recorded a tutorial and blogged about it.

It is, hands down, one of my most popular videos and I get emails from DIYers thanking me. (Ah shucks, you’re welcome. ::Blush::)

Heck, I apparently saved someone’s job once: “I was ready to give up when I found your video and blog post. Thank you so much. You saved my job.”

And….Squarespace designers and DIYers also send me “it’s not working, help me troubleshoot” emails. Sooooo…. instead of reinventing the wheel each time someone reaches out, I finally, after nearly 2 years, have recorded a follow up tutorial video. (As of Jan 24, 2019).

In the video at the end of this blog post, you’ll find answers to 12 common questions or issues from readers/viewers who have watched the original tutorial on setting up a simple bilingual website in Squarespace.

For this example I’m using the Stella Template (which is part of the Brine family of templates. In the original video/blog post, I used the Rally template - also part of the Brine Family of templates.)


Here are the 12 Common Ways to Troubleshoot Your Bilingual Squarespace Website - in writing!

These suggestions are covered in the video below.

1. The original (and this troubleshooting) Squarespace Bilingual Website tutorials work fine for a simple 3-5 page website. Any more pages and it’s too complicated.

2. These tutorials do NOT work for:

  • Ecommerce websites on Squarespace

  • Large, complex websites

  • Multilingual (more than 2 languages) sites

**If you’re a web designer with no coding skills, consider partnering up with a developer.

3. Is your template in the Brine Template Family? If not, this solution won’t work!

4. Have you disabled Ajax Loading (thanks for the tip Sarah Moon!!)

5. Are your pages in the right navigation sections?

6. Is your code correct? Are there typos? Missing punctuation? This is a biggie! Look, code and typos - I get it. Done it many many FRUSTATING times. Comb your code with fine toothed comb!

Here’s the code again:

(as of Jan 24, 2019)

For All Pages in Primary / Main Navigation

<style>nav.Header-nav--secondary {

  display: none;


 .Mobile-overlay-nav--secondary {

  display: none;



For all pages in the secondary navigation

<style>nav.Header-nav--primary {

  display: none;


 .Mobile-overlay-nav--primary {

  display: none;



7. Is the right code in the right page settings?

8. Does your code include the code for mobile? If not, you’ll see both language navigations on mobile.

9. Have you set up your Mobile Site Styles yet? Specifically —> Site Styles - Mobile Menu: Secondary -> check “inherit primary styles.” If you want the Secondary Menu font to have a different size, uncheck ‘inherit primary styles’ and adjust the font size, color and style there.

10. Logo or Site Title links to the home page only. Check out Squarespace’s solution using a coverpage. Or work with a developer to find another solution.

11. If you want different Footer Content on Each Page - check out Squarespace Answers for crowdsourced coding info or hire a developer.

12. The Default Search Page will show both navigations. If this is important to you to fix and you don’t know how to code, I recommend partnering up with or hiring a developer.

IMPORTANT: You or your client will need a Business plan and above to be able to use this code solution.

Links to partner with or hire a developer/code expert on demand.

Please keep in mind that developers may suggest another bilingual or multilingual solution the better suits the goals of your website.

Heather Tovey - Web Developer for Designers (She’s awesome!)

Usesixty.com - Developers & Designers on Demand

Ask Lorem - Developers & Designers on Demand

Want to hire a web designer with experience designing multilingual websites on Squarespace?

Here are a few designers to check out. These designers may also suggest another bilingual or multilingual solution that better suits your business or project.

Sandra van der Lee  

Line De Vos

Pletorica Designs



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