How to Create Text Backgrounds with the Image Card Block in Squarespace


The Stack Style Image Card Block is not only good for creating a nifty code-free pricing table.

It's also a solution if you have a lot of bullet-point copy that you want to separate into columns. Putting bulleted copy into columns with a background colour helps highlight your varied services, experience or skill set.

How to create text block backgrounds with the Image Card Block in Squarespace. No code necessary.

Set Up the Image Card Block to Create a Colour Background for your Text

Let's say you have 3 columns of bulleted text and you want to emphasize these with a background colour.

You can easily achieve this with a single 800px wide x 41 px high image and the Stack Style in Squarespace.

800 px wide x 41 px high image for the Image Card Block - Stack Style

Here's the Step by Step process - but it'll probably make more sense when you watch the video.

Step 1 - Click an "tear drop" insertion point.
Step 2 - Choose Stack Style from Image Layout
Step 3 - Upload the teeny image
Step 4 - Add your Bullet Text Copy
{Tip: Use Opt + 8 on a Mac to add bullets).
Step 5 - Style the Stack Image Layout in the Design editor to match the colour of the 'teeny image.'
Step 6 - Admire your handiwork.

Here's the video but before you watch - one thing to remember.

Unless you use code, the fonts and colours you select in the style editor are usually sitewide. The Stack Image Layout styles will have the same colour, font, etc every time you use that particular image layout on different pages.



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