Do You Really Need to Switch Your Squarespace Template? Maybe Not.

Do You Really Need to Switch Your Squarespace Template?

Hang on! Before you switch your Squarespace template, ask yourself if you really need to.

Chances are, you probably don’t.

How do you figure that out? By checking if your current template is in the same template family as the one you want to switch to.

This post by Squarespace - What’s My Template Family? - will help.

Can’t remember what template you’re using in the first place? Find out what it is by following these steps:

  1. Click Home Menu

  2. Click Design

  3. Click Template

That’s it.

So let’s say you discover that the Squarespace template you’re using is in the same template family as the one you want to switch to, such as the Brine Template Family.

What next?

The first thing you need to know is that if two templates are in the same template family, they have the same underlying functionality. That means, that even though they may have a different set up and design, they can be redesigned to look like each other.

And yep, I wrote a blog post about that!

So I’d argue that you don’t need to switch your template at all.

Here’s what you can try first. (**You don’t have to do this - it’s how I like to do things.)

  1. Set up a trial site in the template you like.

  2. Head to the Pages menu to look under the hood to see how pages are set up and laid out. Find out if the pages you like are Index pages or regular pages, for example.

  3. Really dig into the Site Styles section to note down fonts, colours and other stylistic elements. If you’re a Squarespace Circle Member, you can also export and import stylepacks.

In this video tutorial on Squarespace template families you'll learn:

  • whether or not you REALLY need to switch your Squarespace template

  • what to check first before you switch

  • how to look under the hood of the template you want to switch to (so that you don't have to switch. Hint, set up another trial site)

  • how to 'copy' a couple of elements of the template into your current template without switching everything

  • some things to look for in the Design -- Site Styles section

if you’re brand new to Squarespace and want to make sure you pick the right template, start with the 10 Step Guide to Building Your Squarespace Website from Scratch.


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