How to Style and Layout a Squarespace Footer

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Learn How to Style and Layout Your Squarespace Footer

Not one - but TWO - videos on how to Style and Layout a footer in Squarespace.

Read on to find out what to expect in each video - one of them is a lengthy 20 minutes long (Yikes and Sorry) so I break it down by sections so that you can skip over what you already know or what you don’t need to know.

For example, if you’re using one of the templates from the Brine Family, you can skip the York Family Template Footer Styles section.

Video 1: How to Style and Layout a Squarespace Footer

0:00 - 2:10 - Blabbery intro with a link to a blog post on 3 Pieces of Content to Include in your Footer.

2:10 - 4:46 - Styling the York Family Template Footer. The Harris Template is part of the York Family.

4:50 - 8:40 - Styling the Brine Family Template Footer. The Pedro Template is part of the Brine Family

8:40 - 12:00 (ish) - Understanding ‘where to look’ in the Brine Family to make style edits. Do you make the changes in the Page Nagivation Menu, the Design —> Site Styles Section or the Settings —> Business information section.

12:00 - 20:02 - How I layout a footer in the footer editing panel in the Pedro Template. (If you can layout a page in Squarespace, then you can layout a footer.)

Watch Video 1


Video 2: Watch me practice laying out two footer designs

This 13 minute vid is a how to layout your footer so that it supports your website goals tutorial. As I mentioned before, if you know how to layout a page and use content blocks, laying out a footer will be easy peasy.

Squarespace specialist Sarah Moon of SMCo and I layout out a lot of footers for our Design in a Day™ clients, so it’s important that I practice, practice, practice. Footers aren’t super exciting per se, but still, there’s something satisfying about designing one that will help our clients achieve their biz goals.

If you’re DIYing your site, you only have to do it once (or maybe twice) so, grab some inspiration for your footer right here on Pinterest. But don’t outright copy! That’s no fun.

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Watch Video 2


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