3 Simple Ways to Get Found Online: A Mix of Squarespace SEO, Good Old-Fashioned Blogging & Repurposing on Social


Squarespace SEO is a big topic. Which is why I’m barely touching on it in this post!

Instead, I’m writing a sneaky article all about ways you can get seen, heard and found online without relying only on magical, rainbow-coloured SEO unicorn tricks.

Not saying that SEO isn’t important - it IS important. Heck, Squarespace support has even prepared a handy SEO checklist for its customers.

But SEO is constantly changing. And it has many moving parts - some on your website, some off of it. Some related to how you write, what you write and how you link. And how Squarespace handles SEO also changes. And Google makes changes to its algorithm. And…and….aaaaaah.

Overwhelming, right? How do we keep up?

Let’s bring it back to basics. Keep scrolling to read 3 simple ideas to help the right folks (your ideal clients, customers and readers) find you online.

Get Found Online with Squarespace SEO, Blogging with Squarespace and Social Media

Idea 1 - Start with Super Simple SEO Optimization on Your Website

First follow Squarespace’s support docs —> Here’s how to optimize your Squarespace website for SEO.

Do the easy stuff that you can implement right from the get go, like properly labeling your images. Get help with the more time-consuming stuff like keyword research or block out time to learn where to place these keywords correctly on your website - like in Headlines, URL slugs, SEO descriptions and more.

Still, as my Squarespace Design in a Day™ partner Sarah mentions to our clients, don’t get fixated on SEO as the end all and be all. (I’m paraphrasing here.) Taking steps to improve your site’s visibility to the search engines is just one small part of your overall marketing, search and getting found online strategy.

So while you wait - and wait - AND WAIT - for the Google algorithm to put you at #1 for the search term ‘dog trainer,’ think about what real people are searching for online and whether or not you have answers that can help them.

Which brings me to Idea #2.

Idea 2 - Write a How Can I Help Someone Today Blog Post

I can’t take credit for this above idea. I've stolen it directly from one of Sarah’s recent blog posts on What to Do if You’re in a Blogging Rut.

Her prompt is “How can I help someone today?”

Using that prompt, your blog post can:

  • answer common questions your clients and leads ask you (and - this is important - probably type into Google)

  • Solve a problem and share how you did it - it’s ok to give away your secrets!

  • offer a point of view that is contrary to what everyone else says but that will help YOUR customers feel better, save time, beat the overwhelm, or learn something new, etc

  • include a quick video tutorial that will ‘save someone’s job’ (someone wrote that to me once, seriously)

Any topic that will help your potential clients and customers get the answers they were looking for is a “How can I help someone today’ style blog post.

You’ll come across as trustworthy, mention-worthy and possibly worthy of hiring or buying from! (And Google will notice, too.)

Using that one prompt to start you off, why not write a list of 10 blog post topics. Then Google those topics yourself to see what posts are up at the top. Why do you think that is?

Tip - depending on your topic, if Trip Advisor, Martha Stewart, Yelp, Wikipedia, or Pinterest or some other big dawg is ranking #1 you probably won’t have much luck ranking up there in Google for that specific topic.

But it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t write about it - especially if you get most of your leads via referral. If referrals are checking your website out, then your blog post will build trust, showcase expertise and be helpful - even if it isn’t #1.

Listen, I personally don’t rank #1 for Squarespace and many Squarespace specific topics but I do rank #1 for topics like Squarespace Pricing Table and Bilingual Squarespace Website. (These are older posts too - and they still bring me leads, newsletter sign ups, and the odd thank you email.)

Squarespace writes:

Blogging involves updating your site frequently, which helps search engines see it as an active site. Even if you're a business and not a blogger, adding a Blog Page and updating it regularly with relevant content could potentially benefit your SEO while building your brand.

In other words, think like a publisher and write about topics that interest YOUR people.

Ok, so now you’re keen to blog but still have to set up your Squarespace blog? No problem.

Check out these How to Posts (See? Free, helpful content - these posts bring me traffic and leads. Bonus, Google notices too. Oh, and read all about internal linking structure - yep, that’s an SEO thing. Hmmm. I wonder if I’m doing it right?)


Idea 3 - On Social Media? -Repurpose Key Quotes and Paragraphs from Your Blog Posts as Social Media Posts - with a Link to Your Blog, Of Course

I confess. I hate social media. Well, a love/hate relationship is more like it.

Plus - as my own services shift - where I spend my time on social also needs to shift. I used to think Instagram was the place to be - and to a certain extent it was and still is, but now I use it as a portfolio for #the100dayproject and Adobe Illustrator techniques. Who knows what I’ll be using it for a year from now.

But Instagram may be the spot for you. Or LinkedIn. Or Facebook. Or Twitter. Or some future social media platform that hasn’t been invented yet.

In any case, whereever you’re hanging out online (and ideally your potential clients, customers and readers are there too otherwise, unless you’re there for family and friends, STOP!), make it easy on yourself.

Copy and paste quotes and paragraphs from your blog posts into a social media post, include a link to your blog post and voila. Done.

Potential traffic. Potential leads. Potential shares.

My strong yet relatively inexpert opinion on social media marketing is don’t stress it too much - especially if you’re busy and get most of your clients via referrals. If referrals are checking your website out, then your blog, not social, is more important.

Keep your social platform(s) lightly populated - and if you think you need to do more, hire someone (not me, hate social, remember) or block out some time to trawl through your old posts for quotes and paragraphs you can use as a post.

In fact, I think I’ll do that myself. Facebook has been haranguing me lately for neglecting my wall.


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