Learn How to Build a Squarespace Homepage in under 25 Minutes

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Learn How to Build a Squarespace Homepage in Under 25 Minutes

Yes, I’m giving away Sarah Moon’s and my signature service Squarespace Design in a Day™ secrets here, but I’m all about teaching. If this post and video can help someone DIY a website faster and better, then I’m happy.

And if other folks watch the vid and think, nah, got client work to tackle, I’d love to have someone do this for me, I’m also happy. (Reach out if that’s you!)

Here’s what you’ll learn about setting up a Squarespace Homepage in the tutorial video below.

How to…

Here’s what you WON’T learn in this video (fyi)

How to…

  • Make font, colour and other style changes in Squarespace. Unless you plan to use the template default design styles, it’s essential to adjust your fonts, colours and other styles. So, don’t be frustrated if the homepage you set up right now doesn’t quite look right. You’ll be able to tweak it. (Chicken and egg question: which should you do first - set up the pages or picks your design styles? Hmmmm…for me, I can do it both ways, but sometimes it’s harder to envision how the page set up will look with your preferred design style - and sometimes it doesn’t work so you have to redo your page layouts. That can be a drag.)

  • Customize your Contact Form

  • Prep your content - write your copy, resize your images, create your ‘assets’ like your favicon, social sharing image, logo and other icons. One of the biggest issues I’ve noticed is that folks don’t have any content when they decide to build a website. You need content. Squarespace is a web builder platform, not a graphic design or grammar software. It can’t do it ‘for you.’ You have to think about what to say, word counts, what images match your colour scheme and more before you start building your website.

  • How to do keyword research for SEO - Research keywords before you write page titles and urls. When you’re starting out and want to learn - it’s ok to create your pages without the right url slugs and labels, but make sure to change them before you make your site live!

Links to websites and how to articles that I mention in this Squarespace Tutorial Video

The 3 Example Homepages

Are you spending too much time watching video tutorials like these to set up your Squarespace site when you could be spending it on paid client projects? Design in a Day™ might be a better fit for you.

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