3 Basic Pieces of Content to Include in Your Squarespace Footer. Plus Some.


Have you thought about what information you’re going to include in your Squarespace Footer?

If you’re anything like I was when I first created my website (that looked nothing like the one you see today), I didn’t think about my footer at all until the very last minute.

It’s possible I didn’t even have a footer. Can’t remember.

Three Things to Include In Your Squarespace Footer.

Yes, a footer is important. The internet says so.

You may be thinking, meh, too much going on - do I really need to think about this right now? Does anyone even look at footers?

A screenshot image of Kath O'Malley's Squarespace Footer Design

The answer is yes.

First, think about your own behaviour when you land on a website.

What do you do when a page you’re looking for isn’t in the header’s main navigation? What if the ‘About’ page isn’t in the header and you want to learn more about the company before you contact them or buy one of their products.

What do you do next?

You scroll. And scroll - and possibly scroll some more - to the footer to see if the info is there.

And it often is.

Fun fact: I removed my About page from my header nav to my footer. Controversial? I dunno, but my main nav was getting cluttered, so it was buh bye to the About page.


Before you willy nilly start adding info to your footer, keep in mind your website goals.

  • Who is your target audience?

  • How do you want to help them?

  • What is the main thing you want your readers to do when they’re on your website?

Write a list of must haves and maybe haves for your footer.

Start with the must haves. (Obviously.)

Here are 3 basic pieces of info to include in your Squarespace footer right now even if you haven’t written your must-have list:

  1. A link to your Privacy Policy. (Don’t have a privacy policy yet? Check out these Privacy Policy Generators or better yet, meet with a lawyer. Disclaimer - this ain’t legal advice!)

  2. A copyright notice. This is how mine reads: ©2018 Kath O'Malley | All Rights Reserved

  3. A mini-navigation of links to pages you don’t link to in your header but that you want site visitors to find relatively easily. (And links to pages you DO link to in your header. This is up to you.)

And there’s more. Below is a wee list of 10 other things you can include in your footer - depending on your project or business and your website goals.

  1. Your Logo, submark or alternate logo

  2. A nifty Tagline

  3. A Disclaimer or link to a disclaimer page. (If you have affiliate links, this one’s important. Disclaimer from me: This isn’t legal advice!)

  4. Social Links

  5. Your Instagram Feed

  6. Badges/Awards as social proof like the two in my footer - Squarespace Authorized Trainer and Squarespace Circle Member

  7. Your Contact Info - especially if you’re a bricks and mortar store or office. Office Hours, Physical Address, Phone Number, the works

  8. A big obvious Call to Action Button to book your services, schedule a call, read your most popular blog post and more

  9. A Newsletter Sign up Form

  10. A proper Contact Form (rather than a link to your contact page)

(For more ideas, Google is your friend. Keyword search term: What information should I include in my footer.)

Alright! Back to building your website.

Wondering how to layout your footer in Squarespace?

I get it. Footers aren’t all that exciting and yet when you start to build them out, they can look wonky and all wrong. Here’s a post (with videos) on how to style and layout your footer.

Lately, I’ve been practicing designing footer layouts for our Design in a Day™ clients. What we include in their footers depends on their website goals and the imagery/content available (for example, does a client have a logo or not?)

Need footer design inspiration? Here you go —> Pinterest Board all about footers.


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