Squarespace Cover Page or Sitewide Password with Branded Lock Screen. Which is better?

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When you redesign your Squarespace website which should you use? A site-wide password with branded lock screen or a cover page?

When you’re redesigning your Squarespace website, which is better to use if you want to hide the ‘mess’ from your site visitors? A Squarespace cover page or a sitewide password with a branded lock screen?

My answer. It depends.

(I really should do a blog series called - It Depends.)

So, what does it depend on?

Here are a few Qs to ask yourself before you decide which is better for you (then watch the vid below):

  • Are you still designing in a trial site? (Have you or your client paid for the hosting yet?)

    If it’s still a trial site, then you don't need to worry about this. No one except you (and your client) can see the site depending on whether you keep it private or password protect it.

  • How long will it take you to design/redesign the site? Just a few hours? A few days? A few years? (Good Gawd, get a move on!)

  • Are there links to your website or blog posts all over the internet such as on Pinterest, in a media piece or in a colleague’s case study (Hi there, Sarah!)?

In this Squarespace tutorial video, you’ll learn

  • Why a cover page might make more sense for you and/or your clients**

  • Why a sitewide password with branded lock screen might make more sense for you and/or your clients

  • Which one to choose while you redesign your website (or your client’s website)

  • The sneaky thing I do when I recognize that someone is using a Squarespace cover page which is why I think a lock screen makes more sense in most cases (ahem!)

**(When Sarah and I do a Squarespace Design in a Day™ for clients who have already started on a website - and it’s already live - we choose this option because we’re done in a day and there are very few pages to redesign - so we can quickly password protect them. If someone lands on our client’s site, they’ll be able to easily get in touch via a form. If the project took longer than a day, we’d probably use the lockscreen option instead.)

What you won’t learn in this video is how to design your cover page or lock screen (although I take you behind the scenes briefly).

Here are a couple of useful links instead:

Happy Designing, DIYers & Designers!

More questions? Keep scrolling and click the get in touch button to fill in the short message form. I’ll write back! :)


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