Who/What to Have on Speed Dial during a Squarespace Website Build

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What and Who to Have on Speed Dial during Your Squarespace Website Build

Are you in the middle of DIYing your Squarespace website? Or, perhaps designing a client’s Squarespace site for the first time? Yes?

Then, here's WHAT and WHO you need to have on 'speed dial' or ‘speed clicking’ (or whatever the proper jargon is these days) for all those inevitable questions. Squarespace is easy. Except for the learning curve part.

1. Squarespace's Customer Support Page

It's free.

Heads up! You'll have to go through a whole Choose Your Own Adventure type thing first before you get to the Contact by Email and Chat Buttons - but you'll get there. Make sure you're logged in too.

If you get stuck, email Squarespace - or do a live chat. They'll help you - so long as it's not a question about code, SEO strategy (for that, you'll want to book a Squarespace SEO session with my colleague Sarah Moon), or 3rd party integrations.

2. Squarespace's SEO Checklist

It's comprehensive and specific to Squarespace (obviously) and maybe a wee bit overwhelmming. Have that tab open on your site. When you're done all the 'pretty stuff,' set a timer for 15 - 30 mins (or, if you're really ambitious - 45 minutes), pick one of the steps and go do it.

It's tedious. It's the un-fun business of web design. Like laundry. And taking out the garbage. But do it anyway.

3. My Blog (You’re already here…welcome!)

And go read Sarah’s blog too. She’s my go to resource when I’m not sure how to do something. Chances are, she’s written about it.

4. Grab yourself a Squarespace Beginner Advice and Strategy Sesh with me

Look, like any web builder platform or any new tech tool we use, Squarespace has a learning curve. If you're an absolute beginner and need a head start, you know where to find me. I offer 4 of these 1-hr sessions a month, on Wednesdays. As one of my recent clients put it, it's just so nice to be able to talk to a real live human….Your instructions made a world of difference. I’m so grateful!

Sometimes a single 1-hour call is all it takes to make it click (and save you HOURS of time. Let’s do the math? How much is your time worth?)


Watch this quick 3-minute How to Get in Touch with Squarespace Customer Care Video tutorial (all it takes is patience and persistence).

Can you think of any other people or resources you should have on ‘speed dial’ when you’re in the middle of a site build? Get in touch and let me know, I’ll add it to this post.


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