How to Create a Pricing Table in Squarespace without Code (Update Aug 2019)

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How to Create a Code-free Pricing Table in Squarespace

Spoiler alert - To create a code-free pricing table in Squarespace, use the Stack Image Card Block (After you click that link, scroll down to Style the Image Block and select the Stack Tab, then come back here).

It's that simple.

All you need is:

  • 800 x 200px images for 'labels'

  • your pricing plan copy

Then you're good to go.

Wait - you may be wondering, "why do I even need a pricing table?"

Here's why a pricing table might be useful to you.

  • You need a clear way to display your similar products or services with different prices.

  • You want your potential clients to be able to easily compare features, data and, of course, pricing.

  • You want to help your potential clients make a decision about what package, among several, suits their needs most (and gets them clicking the Buy Now button.)


Watch this Step-by-Step Video on How to Create a Pricing Table on Squarespace without Code. 

Note: I created my labels in Canva, but you can use whatever graphic design tool you want.

Heck, you can draw and scan them if that's your thing.

What if the code-free pricing table is too limited. Is there a code option?

For those of you who want a challenge (and who have a Squarespace Business Plan and above) there are some code-y options, both free and paid. A quick Google search of "Squarespace Pricing Table Plugins" yields some good stuff!

I haven't purchased this pricing table from Devon Stank yet, but it looks amazing and I love the subtle animations. If you want to test out your coding skills, check out this free minimal pricing table from Ghost Plugins. I had so much fun testing out their free plugins that I even blogged about it.

As for a pricing table on this site, I coded a very simple, branded one my Squarespace Training page.

Happy Coding (or just plain creating) Squarespace peeps.

Psss: if you're brand new to Squarespace, check out my post The 10 Step Guide to Setting Up a Squarespace Website from Scratch.

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