4 Questions to Ask Yourself BEFORE You Create a Blog Post Template for your Squarespace Website


If your blog is going to be a marketing tool for your business, you’ll want to create at least one - if not more - blog post templates.

Before I begin - let me explain the difference between a Squarespace Template and a Blog Post Template.

When you first sign up for a Squarespace trial site, you’ll have to choose one of the ready-made templates. You can style that template with your fonts and colours, change page layouts, switch to another Squarespace template if you decide you don’t like the one you chose, but as far as templates go, it’s Squarespace that creates these.

A blog post template is one you create yourself within your Squarespace site. It includes your layout, filler text and image place holders, and lead generating elements such as a contact form or email sign up form.

Your blog post template doesn’t have to be fancy. It just needs to be ‘smart.’

Ask These 4 Questions before You Create Your Blog Post Template on Squarespace

Before you set up the first blog post template (of possibly several) ….

Get out an old-school pen and paper and write down the answers to these 4 questions.

(Take it from me! I didn’t have a blog post template or much of a blogging plan for a long time. It’s a pain to have to revamp old blog posts.)

Q1. What’s the main goal of your blog?

Just like you should have a main website goal, your blog should have a general goal and that depends on your audience and what type of blog posts you’re writing.

For me, my blog is the side door to my business. My home page isn’t the first thing readers land on when they arrive at my site. Most of my readers land on one of my blog posts after a Google or Pinterest search.

So my blog has one main goal - generate leads. Yes, it educates and helps Squarespace DIYers learn how to plan out their websites and use Squarespace, but the main goal - for me - is generate leads.

And how does my blog generate leads?

  • encourage folks to sign up to my emails

  • contact me directly

  • check out a web design service I offer with Squarespace specialist Sarah Moon - Design in a Day™

My Blog Post template includes these 3 lead generating elements so that when I type up a new post, I simply duplicate the post template and all the elements are there.

Ask yourself (and write your answers down) - What do you want your blog to do for you? What is its main purpose?

Q2. Who is your audience? Who are your readers (and are they also your potential clients and customers?)

Ah this is a biggie, especially if you’re just starting out.

If plan to use your Squarespace blog as a marketing tool, then you’ll need to think carefully about who is reading your blog posts and what kind of topics they’ll want to read related to (but not about) your service or product.

I partner mainly with Squarespace (and other platform) web designers to do copy consulting and Squarespace website builds, but most of my readers are DIYers. So, in some ways my own blog is not the best example of how to generate leads from blog posts - and yet I do get leads - some who hire me for training or Design in a Day™ and some who I pass on to designers who can help them.

So - again - who is your audience? Wedding planners? Brides? Freelancers who need affordable legal advice? University students? Eco-moms with children under the age of 3?

Is your audience local? Or are they from all over the world?

Do you have more than one type of audience?

I do. Mine are Diehard DIYers - they’ll never work with me, but some will send me emails to say thank you for my tutorials. I love knowing I’ve helped them.

My other type of reader is a DIYer who realizes it’s a smarter use of their time and money to book a training or a Design in a Day™ instead.

Oh, and some of my readers are, indeed, website and graphic designers and marketers who also build Squarespace websites for their clients. If they like what they read, they get in touch…and we may decide to partner up on projects.

We interrupt this blog post to ask an important question.

Why DIY your Squarespace website when you have better things to do? As in more lucrative - you know, like make and sell your art, plan the perfect wedding for your lovie dovie clients, or write your bestseller.


Q3. What type of articles will you write (that your readers want to read, are searching on google and that will help them while also marketing your services)

Back to me - generally, I write educational / how to articles.

There are a gazillion article styles you can write and frankly, I’m too lazy to write them all out. But I’m happy to link to blog posts that spill the secrets.

From Optin Monster - 73 Awesome Types of Blog Posts that are Proven to Work

Of the 73 suggestions - there are:

From Blogging Wizard - 60 Blog Post Ideas For Entrepreneurs, Marketers, And Businesses

Look, simply Google the following phrase: “best type of blog post for marketing your business” - and you’ll find some stellar advice out there in internetland.

And don’t get overwhelmed. Pick one or two styles that you think make the most sense for YOUR audience. And start there.

Q4. How will you categorize your blog posts? (I’m not even going to get into tags.)

Oh man, my categories and tags are a nightmare right now so this section is more a lesson for me!

After you’ve thought about (and written down) your main blog goal, your audience(s), and the types of blog posts you’ll write, you’ll want to think about how to categorize your posts.


Well - because (and this is a whole post in itself in the future) - you may want to highlight different categories of posts on different pages of your website using Squarespace’s summary block.

According to Squarespace:

Add{ing} tags and categories to a Blog Page to organize your content and help visitors find similar posts.

Having a blog post feed on other website pages or blog posts keeps readers (your potential clients) ON your site, encourages them to click around - if they’re interested in a particular topic - you make it easy for them to find what they need by categorizing your posts based on topics (or article style, such as case studies).

On my Home Page - I show three ‘featured’ blog posts. That’s not even a category. It’s a feature - no pun intended - of your blog settings. Having a blog feed on your home page showcases your knowledge, subject authority and, let’s face it, helpfulness and friendliness.

At the bottom of all my blog posts (keep scrolling), I have ‘related posts’ series. Generally, these are in the All Things Squarespace category, but sometimes I choose another category such as the Blogging | Social Media category.

Here’s what the summary block looks like when I use the All Things Squarespace category.

(Note - Using the Carousel layout and displaying 3 and only the thumbnail image.)

Here’s what the summary block looks like when I select the Blogging | Social Media category.

(Note - Using the Carousel layout and displaying 3 and only the thumbnail image.)

Now it’s your turn (also tl;dr)

If you’re ready to start blogging for your business on Squarespace, take some time first to answer the 4 questions:

Q1. What’s the main goal of your blog?

Q2. Who is your audience?

Q3. What type of articles will you write (that your readers want to read, are searching on google and that will help them while also marketing your services)?

Q4. How will you categorize your blog posts?

Would love to see what you write! Feel free to contact me (contact me form in my author bio below) to share your blog posts.


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