Does your Squarespace Footer Bring You Business? Let's Test it Out.


Good question, eh.

Does yours?

I have no idea if my Squarespace footer has helped me get leads, email sign ups or web designer partnerships.

It’s time to find out.

Does Your Squarespace Footer Bring You Business Image

First off, remember - a website is never done. Ever. EVER. EVER.

The non-stop tweaking. Admit it. You add new products and services. Remove services. Rewrite services. Rewrite product descriptions. Adjust your pricing. Change the direction of your business completely. Start blogging. Decide not to blog.

And typos - finding typos. Eeek. (Ah, perfectionism, you are a beast. Just release your website into the wild and then fix it later!)

Back to topic - Let’s Test Whether (or not) Your Footer is Getting You Business

The great thing about websites (and footers) is you can test what works and what doesn’t.

Previously, my Before footer included important elements such as:

  • my text logo in white

  • a mini navigation with legal links

  • Squarespace badges

  • a copyright notice

  • and branding and photo credits

And I have NO idea if having these helped bring me business. None. I mean, I could see some clicks on the About page link - but did it lead anywhere else? I don’t check Google Analytics - I just use Squarespace Analytics - so I’m not sure.

My After footer now includes an invitation to Squarespace website designers to “request an info packet” with a call to action button. The button is actually the Form block in light box mode.

This form is only in the footer. It’s no where else on the website. So it will be easy to test if it works.

Here are BEFORE/AFTER shots of my footer (current as of Nov 20, 2018).

Kath O'Malley Footer Before Image

Kath O'Malley Footer Before Image

Kath O'Malley Footer After Image

Kath O'Malley Footer After Image


To test, I’ll check the Button and Form Conversions in my Squarespace Analytics at the 3 week, 3 month, and 6 month mark. (Let’s be real, I’ll probably check obsessively every day).

Here’s what I want to find out:

  1. How many Squarespace web designers click the “request the info packet” button.

  2. How many Squarespace web designers fill in the short form and hit submit.

  3. How many Squarespace web designers schedule a call with me after they read through the info packet.

  4. How many non-web designers request an info packet (click and submit) out of curiousity. ;)

In other words, is my footer helping me achieve my main goal of partnering with Squarespace web designers? (And, should that still be my main goal?)

See, websites always change. Including website goals.

I gotta admit, I’m not that good at the sales side of things. I usually talk myself out of getting booked and the big reason is I already have an amazing partnership and Design in a Day™ package/process for service-based entrepreneurs with Squarespace specialist Sarah Moon.

But I sure do love chatting with designers and brainstorming ways they can build a business that works for them.

‘Kay, now let’s get back to work!

Go create a Squarespace footer that works hard for your business. Then in a few weeks and months, check your Squarespace Analytics and see if your experiment is working. If yes, keep going.

If no, try something else.


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