PSA: Don't Forget to Set Your Mobile Styles in the Style Editor in Squarespace


Remember those Be Like Bill that morphed in to Don't Be Like Bob Memes? I vaguely do.

Well, that was me the other day. Being like Bob - or Bill, or not Bill. Or whoever. I was rushed and careless.

In short, I forgot to set the mobile styles in Squarespace's style editor for a friend's website.

Always Remember to Style your Mobile Settings in Squarespace.

Now it turned out to be ok, because my friend needed something fast and last minute - as in 3 hours away fast - to show to a potential collaborator (on his laptop, rather than phone).

So {clears throat} I forgot to pull out my trusty written-on-a-crumpled-paper, old-school checklist that I ALWAYS use for Design in a Day projects to remind me to set mobile settings!

Later that day, while out and on my phone, I checked to see if his domain had connected - when I realized, ACH, I hadn't set up the mobile styles and it was showing the template's original colours in the navigation. Eeek! Cue rushing home!

Mobile Settings are in Squarespace's Style Editor - but you need to know where to look.

Yep. I made a video on how to do exactly that using the Heights Template - part of the Brine Family

If you know your way around the Squarespace style editor, but have never set mobile settings before - fast forward to about the 3:40 mark. 

If you're brand new to Squarespace, then start the video from the beginning. (Also, start from the beginning if you want to see my reaction to Lord Sleepy's fart.)



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