How to Redirect your Leads to a Thank You Page via the Squarespace Form Block

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How to Redirect Leads to a Thank You Page Via the Squarespace Form Block

I’m doing an experiment. Folks who reach out to me by filling in a Squarespace form on my contact page will be sent to a ‘thank you’ page that encourages them to stick around my website.

Poke around the website. Read the blog. Check out my services. That kind of stuff.

In the past, as in, up to last week (we’re in May 2019 as of this writing), when leads filled in my contact form, they’d stay on the contact page and see a little thank you message about when to expect to hear back from me.

Nothing fancy.

Now that’s all changed.

I now have a fancy-pants Thank you page for leads, not just email subscribers.

In the Squarespace tutorial video, learn how to redirect your leads to a thank you page (and why).

Here is the 3-step process.

  1. Set up a thank you page with info about when you can expect to hear back from me, my email address, links my current services and my most popular blog post, the video you’ll see below ;) and a summary block of my latest blog posts.

  2. Hide the Thank You page from Search Engine Results

  3. Back on the Contact page, add the redirect URL in the form block advanced section. **In my case, I already had the form block all set up - so if you haven’t done that, learn how to set up a the form block in this tutorial.


Now I’m curious - are you going to try this out? If yes, let me know how it works for you. Feel free to get in touch.


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