The Simple Way to Choose a Squarespace Template

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How to Choose a Squarespace template quickly and easily

If I were to start all over again, here’s how I’d choose a Squarespace template.

Step 1 - Pick a template from one of the Brine Template FAMILY (yep, all caps on the word family) because frankly, it is the most versatile Squarespace template family out there.

And this should, technically, be the end of this blog post. How simple was that?

Nah, keep reading. (And yes please, if you’re on Pinterest, go ahead pin that image below. Thank you!)

Check out Squarespace web designers who also think Brine Family templates are where it’s at.

Step 2a - if the Brine family of templates works for you - choose the template that is closest to the design you want - keeping in mind your website goals.

In other words, don’t pick a template design just because you like it, choose one that will help you achieve your specific website and/or business goals. (Think strategically!)

Here’s a list of all the Brine-related templates as of Oct 2018.

Aria, Basil, Blend, Brine, Burke, Cacao, Clay, Ethan, Fairfield, Feed, Foster, Greenwich, Hatch, Heights, Hunter, Hyde, Impact, Jaunt, Juke, Keene, Kin, Maple, Margot, Marta, Mentor, Mercer, Miller, Mojave, Moksha, Motto, Nueva, Pedro, Polaris, Pursuit, Rally, Rover, Royce, Sofia, Sonny, Sonora, Stella, Thorne, Vow, Wav, West

To quote Squarespace itself:

All these  templates share the same underlying structure and functionality. You can browse Brine templates in the template store.

Review the features of each template and decide which ones make the most sense for your business or project.

  • Does a long scrolling home page work best for you? Then Mentor or Moksha is a good place to start.

  • Do you want to showcase your art or floral design portfolio on your Home Page with a customizable gallery grid? Then start with Marta.

  • Authors, lawyers, and bookkeepers can start with more text-heavy templates like Harris, Hatch, and Keene.

Watch a 10 min video on how I create the same (basic) home page design using 3 different Brine Family Squarespace templates.

Step 2b - Choose the template that has the fewest pages to delete - if you’re planning to do your own thang from the get go.

That would be Sofia.

Of the more than 30 Design in a Day™ websites that Sarah Moon and I have launched for clients in the past year and half, at least 95% of them started with a Brine family template. (Maybe it’s more like 98%, I’ll have to check.)

Sarah and I always design from scratch.

With Squarespace, when you sign up for a trial site, you have to choose a template to get started, so, unless a Design in a Day client is keen on a specific template design, we usually start with Sofia to save time deleting demo pages.

Step 3 - Don’t spend hours choosing a Squarespace template. OMG, nope.

Instead, spend time gathering web design inspiration on Pinterest and even more time thinking about your website goal, your individual page goals and what you want your target audience to do when they’re on your website. AKA - strategize!

You really need to do this ‘thinking’ and ‘content gathering’ before you choose a Squarespace template, so that you streamline your web build process once you sign up for that first trial site.

Having said all that - have fun deciding! :)

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