Create an Instagram Link Page on your Squarespace Website

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Here’s How to Create an Instagram Link Page on your Squarespace Website

A few things in the past week made me decide to record a tutorial on how to create a page full of links (ok, just 5) on your Squarespace site which you can then add to your Instagram bio.

First, I watched a video interview on The Futur with photographer Yvette Roman about using Instagram and how she lost out on a huge job (after she had been offered it) because she didn’t have enough followers.

Cue jaw drop.

So Yvette’s story has nothing to do with this tutorial except that it got me thinking about why folks use Instagram and whether or not being on Instagram is the best way to generate client leads. (And whether or not you should build your IG following as an “influencer”rather than as a way to find clients.)

And of course, the answer to that is - it depends on what you do, who your ideal clients are and if you’re more into likes and follows than doing the actual work. (Alright, that was kind of snarky, but you know what I mean.)

I digress. Back to the tutorial.

I used to use my Instagram as a way to drum up business. I wasn’t very effective, but I tried and on the rare occasion it worked even with a pathetically low follower count. :) It wasn’t held against me.

Heck, I met my Squarespace Design in a Day partner, Sarah Moon, over on Instagram.

Back when I was making more of an effort with the platform, I got frustrated that you could only add one link to your IG bio. That meant if I posted a blog post or a “hey hire me” image, I had to also remember to change the link in the bio to match that day’s post. I also wanted folks to have the option to click through to key pillar posts like The 10 Step Guide to Setting Up a Squarespace Website from Scratch.

I googled around and found out about LinkTree. It looked handy and convenient so I created an account.

Basically you set up buttons on your account that link to different pages on your site and elsewhere.

It still is handy and convenient, no question, but after my avatar photo disappeared, I was all, meh…I don’t want to have to remember to double check yet another app.


Then I remembered learning from Squarespace designer Jodi Neufeld that she had designed her own IG link page on her own site.

Good idea! Today, I did just that - created an Instagram link page. Now curious Instagramers can visit my site and click on the link they want to click on rather than via LinkTree. Frankly, it gets people ONTO my website. Directly. Important, no?

Plus, bonus, the buttons are in my brand colours.

Watch the video below to see how I set up an Instagram link page on my Squarespace website

Doesn’t take long at all. In fact, this video is about 8 mins and the first 3 mins is an explanation about WHY I’m doing this. (In other words, if you just want to know the how to, fast forward.)


Are you spending too much time watching video tutorials like these to set up your Squarespace site when you could be spending it on paid client projects?

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