What's the difference between an Index Page and a Regular Page in Squarespace


One of the most common questions I get asked by Squarespace training or Design in a Day™ clients and DIYers is “How can I make my home page page look like this?” (This = The Moksha Template home page or the Mentor Home Page or any of the long scrolling home pages in the Squarespace template library.)

The second most common question is actually a couple of statements - “My page is a mess! It’s not doing what I need it to do.”

The answer is simple: You gotta understand the difference between an Index Page and a Regular Page in Squarespace.

Understand the Difference Between an Index and Regular Page in Squarespace

The Key Difference between an Index Page and a Regular Page in Squarespace

**Note - the Index page style described below is for the Brine Family of Templates.

Technically, an index page in the Brine template family isn’t a page. It’s a series of stacked pages. In the Squarespace dashboard, the Index page icon looks like an equal sign with several pages stacked underneath it.

Stacking pages this way allows you to have full width banner images or backgrounds on more than one section of the overall long scrolling ‘page.’

My Home Page is an index page. So is my Copywriting Partnership sales page.


We interrupt this blog post to ask an important question.

Why DIY your Squarespace website when you have better things to do? As in more lucrative - you know, like make and sell your art, plan the perfect wedding for your lovie dovie clients, or write your bestseller.


What’s a Regular Page?

A regular page is just that. A single page. There’s an ‘intro’ section where you can add a banner image and some overlay text such as a headline, a brief intro and call to action.

Under the Intro section, you click on edit page content and add, edit and layout a single page.

And yes, you can keep adding text and images to that page so it scrolls and scrolls and scrolls but you can’t create separate sections with full width image banners, backgrounds, or gallery pages.

And often the design just doesn’t look right.

And that’s because it isn’t right.

In the video below, you’ll learn exactly how to set up an index page and the difference between an index and a regular page.

BONUS- now that Squarespace has partnered up with Unsplash, you’ll also learn (with me) how to add a free Unsplash photo in the image block and the banner upload section.

How cool is that!

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