Using Ghost Plugin Code Snippets for Squarespace Websites


Hello, Kath here and I like to tinker.

That’s right, when I get a chance to tinker with my website, I do so. Can’t help myself.

That’s why a site like Ghost Plugins by Moovlabs is dangerous for me. I don’t need all those code snippets on my site, but I want to try every single one.

Using Ghost Plugin Code Snippets for Your Squarespace Website

What is Ghost Plugins?

Ghost Plugins is a website that offers free code snippets and plugins for Squarespace websites. Designers and agencies submit code and anyone can copy and paste the code onto their own site as needed.

You can also pay what you can and that payment will be donated to your charity of choice.

What’s the best code to use on your Squarespace site?

That depends on a million things, not least, your branding and your website goals.

On my website, I’ve used the Lefty Line Navigation submitted by Noughts and Ones and the Levitating Hover for Grid Summary Blocks submitted by Thirty Eight Visuals.

You can see what the Levitating Hover looks like on my Blog page.

One of the reasons I added the Lefty Line Navigation is because I wanted to include some subtle motion that matched my branding.

Last year, I went through a branding process with Olivia from Let’s Go Studio. She created minimalist vector illustrations of pens, paper and inkwells that hint at my teaching side. (Side note, I have a degree in Education.)

The Lefty Line Navigation has that teacherly element to it of underlining words.

In the video tutorial, I test out the Righty Line Navigation also submitted by Noughts and Ones. (I’m using the Hatch Template which is part of the Brine Template Family.)

Alright brave souls…

Before you watch this tutorial and try out some code on your own site, if you’re an absolute beginner, check out my 10 Step Guide to Setting Up a Squarespace Website from Scratch. Or watch my Squarespace 101 playlist over on YouTube.


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