3 Ways to Style Your Blog using the Five Template on Squarespace

In a recent Squarespace Biz Blogging Workshop, one of the members asked how to style a blog page in the Five Template so that it has grid layout similar to Pink Peonies.

Now, couple of things - I'm not as familiar with the Five Template as I am with templates in the Brine family.

What I know is that the Five template allows you to style each page with one or two sidebars (Yay for those of you who love sidebars!)

Confession: I don't! (But that's totally ok if you do!)

The other thing is that the blog landing page layout style is somewhat set in stone. There's not a lot you can do to change that - you need a workaround.

(Pssst - Pin that there image! And keep reading...)

How to Style your Blog in the Five Template on Squarespace.

Now Pink Peonies has some fancy dynamic stuff going on with their blog grid layout. We'd need some code to achieve the pop-up titles on the images, for example.

But, let's not let that stop us from designing a non-code-y workaround. We DIYers are creative sorts, aren't we - whether we're designing our Squarespace website from scratch or figuring out how to create a fake blog sidebar (for those of us NOT using the Five Template.)

How to set up a grid style blog page layout in the Five Template on Squarespace (plus a couple of other tips & tricks).


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