How to Use the Exact Layout of Your Squarespace Template



Sorry (not sorry). Couldn’t resist.

Maybe you’re wondering, wha?

Let me explain. I’m using Squarespace’s Stella template - which is part of the Brine family of templates to demonstrate the 4+ Tips on How to Use the Exact Layout of the Squarespace Template you’ve chosen. This way, you don’t muck up the award-winning design.

This video tutorial is perfect for people who are brand new to Squarespace, not web designers, and are testing out the platform to see if it’s a fit for their business or project.

How to Use the Exact Layout of Your Squarespace Template

4+ Tips on How to Use the Exact Layout of Your Squarespace Template - using the Stella Template as an example

  1. Keep it simple - start with a Home, About, and Contact page. You can add pages and a blog post to the site later. But start there.

  2. Don’t be a fuss budget. Stick with the template fonts, for now. (Designers won’t like this answer, and I agree, but if you’re DIYing your site and know nothing about web design…doing something simple like changing a font, will change the entire design. Trust me, I KNOW!)

  3. Do a word count of all the text on the main pages you’re using. Pay attention to the type of text. Is it H1 (heading 1), Body text, Text in an Image Block?

  4. Seriously, count your words. Check out how easy it is to ruin a template design.

  5. Use quality images - your own or Unsplash’s for now. Also, notice each image’s orientation in the design and find images that match that so that the template design isn’t compromised. Is the image orientation portrait (upright) or landscape (horizontal)?

    **Hint, in the tutorial vid, ahem, I made a mistake with image orientation. Bonus points to you if, while watching the video, you catch my mistake.

Watch Video Below


Video Notes


…includes the Intro, Disclaimers and How to Prep for your Website. You can skip that if you want to get to the How to part, but seriously, if you’re new to Squarespace, don’t skip it.


Learn the difference between regular pages and index pages (and also learn how to add Unsplash images).


At the 10 minute mark, I said I’d check the Fonts in the Design -> Site Styles section. (And oops, I forgot!)

The Stella Template Font for Heading 1 & Body is Work Sans - at various weights.


I delete everything in the Stella Template Footer - if you're wondering what you can include in a Footer, check out these blog posts:

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