How to Change Your Blog Post Layout in Squarespace


If you can layout a page in Squarespace and style fonts and colours in the Design —> Site Styles section, then you can 100% easily change the layout and style of your blog posts.

It’s that simple.

The question is why would you do it?

How to change your blog post layout in Squarespace and why you should.

The obvious reason to change the blog layout and styles in Squarespace

Your Squarespace blog layout, font, colour and other styles default to the style of your template even after you change the fonts and colours of your headings, body, and buttons for the rest of your site. You have to make sure to set blog styles and tweak the layout to match your brand.

The not so obvious reason

Blogging is good for business. You’ll want to make it as easy as possible for you and your team to blog without having to layout a blog post every single time.

When Sarah Moon’s and my Design in a Day™ biz clients book us to design their website, we create a blog post template even for clients who don’t have a blog yet.

Why? Because a blog is the perfect marketing and sales tool if you do it write.

Oops, typo. I mean ‘right.’ ;)

We know that when our clients finally decide to blog for their business, they’ll have a blog template ready to use that matches their website and brand.

For the DIYers amongst us, the video below shows exactly how to change the blog layout and styles for your Squarespace site - especially if want your blog to match your site brand.

For the WHY you should do create a blog layout template when you’re designing a website, read these 3 blog posts first.

Seriously - don’t create a blog layout template (or start building your Squarespace website) until you understand how best to make it work for YOUR business goals.


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