3 Lead Generating Elements to Include in a Squarespace Blog Post Template. And Why.


Let’s start with the Why.

Why are you blogging for your business in the first place? Is it to build your brand? Get found online? Gain trust?

Generate leads? (<— THIS! Please tell me it’s this.)

If you answer yes for one or all of the above, then you need to create a blog post template for your Squarespace website.

3 Lead Generating Elements to include in your blog post templates are: a Call to Action to visit your services page, an email sign up form and a pop up contact form.

What are Lead Generating Elements?

Simple. Anything that nudges your readers to get in touch with you or check out your services (then get in touch with you) is a lead generating element - whether it’s a call to action button, a text link, a contact form or a newsletter/email sign up form.

Lead Generating Elements to Include in your Blog Post Template, especially if your Squarespace Template doesn’t Include a Sidebar.

I’m using the Sofia Template which is part of the Brine Template family. It doesn’t have a sidebar, but that’s ok.

As a workaround, I’ve created a blog post template so that whenever I write a post, I simply duplicate the template and fill it in with my latest How the Heck To article.

Not only do I have all the ‘nudges’ I want on the post template, I also don’t have to think about layout or where to put my main image (the one above this paragraph - the one you can pin to Pinterest if you want) or remember to add a summary block of related blog posts.

One more thing to make clear about blog post templates: I don’t mean one of Squarespace’s website templates. I’m talking about a template that you create yourself and then duplicate each time you write a blog post.

We interrupt this blog post to ask an important question.

Why DIY your Squarespace website when you have better things to do? As in more lucrative - you know, like make and sell your art, plan the perfect wedding for your lovie dovie clients, or write your bestseller.


Notice that interruption?

That’s Lead Generating Element #1 - Add a Button or Text Link to Send People over to a Services or Sales Page

Yes. YES. The interruption is indeed cheesy. But it’s an experiment I’m testing out with my Design in a Day™ colleague Sarah Moon. Most of my readers are DIYers - diehard DIYers, like myself - so they’re not going to need what we offer.

But there are a few of you - hello possible you - that have money-making work to do and don’t have time to learn the ins and outs of Squarespace. You need a head start, so learning all about our service might be what you need right now.

We’re checking analytics to see if my blog readers click through from this and other blog posts over to Sarah’s Design in a Day™ service page - and then book with us.

At this stage (as of Oct 24, 2018) we don’t know how well or if it will work, but I’ll keep you posted.

Toward the end of this post, there’s another call to action to visit the Design in a Day™ service page. (By the way, Sarah and I love doing these projects and we’ll design a lead-generating blog post template based on your website and page goals, even if you don’t have a blog yet. )

Lead Generating Element #2 - Include an Email Sign Up Form

Scroll down to the final paragraph of this blog post. Right under it, I have an email sign up form. It’s a form block that pops up and is linked to my MailChimp email service list.

Whenever I have email sign up forms on blog posts, readers sign up. It’s worth including in your blog post template if you are building an email list.

(NOTE aka WARNING: Back in May 2018 - I took my newsletter sign ups down from all my posts because I was reevaluating what I write and who I’m writing for. This Oct 2018, I put the email sign ups form back in my 10-or-so most popular blog posts. Admittedly, that was a pain in the butt to re-add them. I should probably buy an ‘under the blog post’ plug in or hire a developer to write a script that will add this to all my posts in one go - so keep that issue in mind, especially if you write a lot of blog posts and your Squarespace template doesn’t have a sidebar.

I’m back - here is a sidebar solution from Station Seven that prevents having to go into each post and remove or add elements. This is a gamechanger for me and I can see myself changing my blog post template in the coming months.)

Lead Generating Element #3 - Include a Contact (You) Form

The author bio includes a pop up contact form that sends messages to my inbox.

Yes, I’m the only author on my website so it’s cheeky, but believe it or not, it works. Readers and potential clients contact me directly after reading one of my blog posts.

I also - and this is ‘controversial’ - turn my comments off. Part of the reason I don’t have comments is I don’t have time to manage them. I also turn off comments on Youtube because so.many.idiots!

If someone wants to ask me a question, they can get in touch.

And they do. And I answer them.

And sometimes they become clients.

So - if you plan to blog for your business or already do, what lead generating elements will you include? Do you think one element is more than enough? Do I have too many? (I’m still on the fence about that.)

Let me know (and yes, you’ll have to get in touch to tell me. ;)


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