How to Choose a Squarespace Template (by Function, not Design)

Choosing a Squarespace template is an ordeal.

You're checking out all the templates and finally settle on Margot, Basil, and Hatch. You're not sure why you've settled on these 3, you just did.

And then you stress out. Which one is the best?

(Keep reading to de-stress - promise! And pin that big ole image if you want, too.)

Choose a Squarespace Template by function, not design

What do the Margot, the Basil and the Hatch Squarespace Templates have in common? 

Nothing, right? Isn't it obvious? All 3 designs are very different. Margot showcases a chef, Hatch, a realtor and Basil is a restaurant website.


And yet these 3 templates are pretty much the same. Believe it or not.

They are all in the same Brine template family.

Choose your Squarespace Template Based on Functionality, not Design.

When you choose a Squarespace template based on its functionality and the features you need, not by how the demo websites look, suddenly the whole ordeal of choosing is not as hard as you had thought.


In the video below, I show you how all 3 Squarespace templates end up with the exact same design.

(Keep in mind - this design is nothing fancy and if you're a web designer, you'll be all, what the heck is that? And I don't blame you! But, that's not the point of the vid.)

Imagine you're a copywriter who needs a simple service-based website. You want your website to have:

  • a long scrolling index page with sections that stand out like a big quote.
  • a banner image/hero image with overlay text and a strong call to action button
  • a search field in the navigation
  • a gallery page where you can link to your services or portfolio page

Can all 3 of these templates achieve the same results? Check it out!

(Oh, and after you've watched the video - read the 10 Step Guide to Setting Up your Squarespace Website from Scratch.)

Note - the Basil template demo is a restaurant site - and when you click the plus sign next to the index, there's an additional option to create a ChowNow section. In Margot and Hatch, the only 2 options are Page and Gallery Page.

I don't know anything about ChowNow at the moment. Find out more about Using ChowNow with Squarespace in their support tutorials.

Using ChowNow with Squaresapce


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