4 Quick 'Must Dos' When You Create a Squarepace Website from a Template


Hey, have you had a chance to read the blog post (and watch the tutorial) on 4+ Tips on How to Use the Exact Layout of Your Squarespace Template yet?

Yes? Great, keep reading - then watch the tutorial.

No? It’s ok. You have a choice! Continue with this post first then go watch the above. Or Go watch the above then come back here. Either works.

4 Quick Must Dos When You Create a Squarespace Website

The 4 Quick Must Dos when You Create a new Squarespace Website from a Template

  1. Change the Default Domain Name. (Ok, it’s not a must do but I like to do it.)

  2. Change the URL Slugs, Page and Navigation Titles for each demo page you keep

  3. Add SEO descriptions to either the top Index page or a regular page. (Don’t know the difference between an index page and a regular page? Find the answer here. It’s an important distinction and one that trips up lots of newbie Squarespace-rs.)

  4. Delete all the demo pages you won’t use. And if you want to keep one for reference but don’t want anyone to find it - or Google to index it - disable it.

Oh, and guess what? There are more Squarespace ‘must dos’ that aren’t in this tutorial.

Way back when I wrote a post about 2 MUST DO images you need to have on your Squarespace website.

That’s right. You need a Favicon and a Social Share Logo.

(Fun fact - nearly ALL my Pinterest traffic comes from the Favicon/Social Share Logo blog post.)

And finally - the Squarepace vid tutorial you’ve been waiting for…(dah dah daaaaaah)


One thing to keep in mind - this tutorial and the related 4+ tips tutorial assume that you’ve already created your Squarespace account and want to use the exact layout of the Squarepace template you’ve chosen (because it suits your website and biz goals and all that).

If you’re brand new to Squarepace, you’ll want to check out the 10 Step Guide to Starting a Squarepace Website from Scratch.

I try to keep that post updated, but if you notice any obsolete info in there, get in touch to tell me off, I mean, let me know and I’ll fix it.

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