Inspiration from Renowned Art Museums for Your Art Gallery Website on Squarespace

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Building an Art Gallery Website on Squarespace

If you want to build an art studio or art gallery-style website on Squarespace, look for inspiration from the big guys!

Who are the big guys exactly?

Well, in my webby world, it's The Met, The National Gallery of Canada and the Mackenzie Art Gallery of Regina, Saskatchewan.

I'm a fan of having all your written content (and images) ready before you build out a website, but for these 'Learn by Doing' blog posts & videos, we skip that part and go straight to the site build.

But first, decide on a website goal!

To build an art gallery style Squarespace website, I 'pretended' to own an art gallery that also offers art workshops and 'wine and cheese' style events. 

The main website goal for my 'art gallery/studio' is to encourage local site visitors to take an art workshop, view an exhibit or book an appointment.

As mentioned above, I looked for inspiration from renowned national and local art museums to see what they highlight on their home pages.

Based on this inspiration, I believe that to achieve this goal, I would need:

  • A banner image and info showcasing the latest exhibition.

  • A section with relevant info such as opening hours and location

  • Categorized images with clickthrough links that encourage people to read other parts of the website

  • A blog and events listing section

The sorry-it's-17-minutes-long-but-worth-a-watch video below walks you through the process of building a home index page with the above elements. 

Watch the Video on How to Create a Squarespace Art Gallery Style Website


Recap: The 8 Squarespace blocks and elements you need to build an art gallery website on Squarespace.

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