Wow! You can now clone a Squarespace blog post

This just in! (Sort of)

You can now duplicate or clone your blog posts on Squarespace!

Believe me, this feature will save you hours of time if you want to include regular elements in each blog post, such as a newsletter sign up form or a mini author bio. 

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And now for the video on how to clone a Squarespace Blog Post

So, I'm curious. What elements will you add to your blog posts? Click the Get in Touch button in my mini bio (keep scrolling) to let me know!

(By the way, I use the Pacific Template - so my blog has no sidebar or 'under bar' option. Some of the other templates, like Skye, allow you to include an author bio and other useful info so check the features of your template as you may not need to include all the elements I've suggested here in your blog posts.)



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