Create a Mini Search Engine Website with the Squarespace Search Block


Learn by Doing Series - Turn your website into a mini search engine with the Squarespace Search Block.

Ok, just because you can, doesn't mean you should.

But I did it anyway.

Taking inspiration from search engines like Answer the Public and the big dawg, Google itself, I attempted to turn my trial Squarespace website into a mini search engine.

And it kind of worked. 

And now I want to go travel the world as the Big City Expert just so I can build a website like this. Ha!

How to Use the Squarespace Search Block to turn your Squarespace website into a mini search engine.


Wondering what I'm talking about? Check out the video on....

How to Turn your Website into a Mini Search Engine with the Squarespace Search Block

(psst - I know that heading looks cheesy, but it's for SEO!)

Back to the video...

It's on the long side. 14+ minutes! 

Having said that, I show you, step-by-step, how you can set up your website to act like a mini search engine and it's pretty darn cool, especially if you're a travel or lifestyle blogger. 

To follow along in this video, imagine you're a travel blogger with unlimited funds who writes about walkable cities to explore.

The goal for your website is to help your site visitors find out about the cities they're interested in by reading your blog posts (and to get site visitors to email you cities to visit.)

You'll learn-->

Over to you...what do you think?

Would it be better to have a selection of blog posts on the home page like you find on Squarespace's sample Rally Template? Or, offer a 'search engine' type experience to your readers with a simple search field to encourage them to poke around your website? Or...a mix of both.

Where to Find Free High Quality Videos

One last thing - to find free video snippets to add to your website banners, visit:

Pixabay (Always double check the license, of course.) 

Search type of image, click the All Images down arrow, then choose video and search. It's that simple.

This is the video I used: City walking & Streetcar by Activedia

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