Why You Should Organize your Content with Squarespace Tags & Categories

Learn by Doing Series - Organizing Content for an 'online shop' so that visitors can do a visual search based on colour and style.

Here's the thing. I rent. And I love it. But my walls. Ugh. The WALLS. And I don't want to paint them or put (too many) holes in them.

So, I was online searching removable wallpaper and found this cool site called Chasing Paper. (haven't ordered yet, but I will).

What I liked about the 'user experience' of Chasing Paper was that I could look for the wallpaper visually by pattern, colour and designer.

And as is often the case over here at headquarters, I decided to test out if I could replicate this visual search process using the Squarespace tags and categories feature and summary blocks.

Pssst - if you're impatient (like I sometimes am) scroll down for the video.

Organize your blog posts, images, and products with Squarespace Tags and Categories

Here's Why You Should Use Squarespace Tags and Categories too.

The results are in - for the most part, you can replicate the visual search process in a Squarespace website with the tags and categories. 

And this is good because what you want is for your site visitors to find your products, services and blog posts easily. You don't want your potential clients and customers losing interest or getting frustrated as they navigate through your site.

Couple of important points:

  1. Plan out your tags and categories first before you post or upload your images and products otherwise you'll end up with a willy nilly hot mess. Consider how your site visitors will want to search for your blog topics, products and images.

    **I can tell you that I DIDN'T do this when I first started out, so my next blog post will probably be about how to merge and delete tags/categories, starting with my own. In fact, my tags and categories are still a 'willy nilly hot mess.'
  2. When you pull content via summary blocks - you may end up doing this on several pages depending on how you set up your site structure. Record your display and layout settings and keep them somewhere obvious so you're not scratching your head trying to remember.

And here it is - the video tutorial you've been waiting for...

How to Organize your Content with Squarespace Tags & Categories



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