How to Choose a Squarespace Template for a Magazine Style Website

DIYer folks and Squarespace web designers too! 

I'm starting a new series (ooh yes) on how to choose a Squarespace template based on your website goals and your must-have features and functionality. Without using code, if possible.

Update: This series has morphed into the Learn by Doing series to try out different functions and styles from popular websites in Squarespace.

Ta Daaaah!  Here's my first post (and videos) on the best Squarespace template - or one of the best templates - for magazine style websites.

Because - Apartment Therapy

Is the Squarespace Rally Template the best template to design a magazine style website?

Choosing a Squarespace Template for a Magazine Style Website - Step by Step

Step 1 - Find magazine style website inspiration such as

Step 2 - Decide your top 3 (or 4) must-have features and functionality.
In this sample the 4 must-have features are:

  • Search field
  • Top Navigation (not hamburger)
  • Social Icons
  • The ability to pull blog posts onto the home page based on category

Step 3 - Check out Squarespace Templates that seem like a good fit.

Step 4 - Play around with the template you think is the best fit. See if it can do what you need it to do. 



Grab your earbuds, it's Video Time!

In the 2 videos below, I show you my process for choosing and testing out the Rally template as an ideal template for a magazine style website. 

What do you think?

Part 1 - Choose a Squarespace Template for a Magazine Style Website

Part 2 - Testing the Rally Template.

When I first started out, I did not pick my template this way. What I did was scroll through the list of templates, pick one that I liked the look of and then started 'designing.'

Don't do that! Think about what you must have on your site first.

(Pssst - And if you're totally brand new to Squarespace - whether a web designer or a DIYer, read the 10 Step Guide to Setting Up a Squarespace Website from Scratch.)

I don't regret my template per se (it's Pacific), but I have learned a ton in the past year about how to pick the best templates from Squarespace specialist Sarah Moon who I get to work with on various projects including our Design in a Day collaboration.

Sarah's top tip is pick your Squarespace template based on functionality, not design

Have you built magazine-style website on Squarespace for yourself or a client? Share a link to your site over on Facebook or Instagram. I'd love to see your design and what template you chose.



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