How to Source and Format a Free Image from Unsplash for your Squarespace Website

Squarespace specialist Sarah Moon and I recently teamed up to offer a Design in a Day for clients who need a legit website presence fast.

And we do it fast.

We have a super organized, content-wrangling process so that we're not just flinging your website up willy nilly with placeholder text. We consider the goals of your website and how you want to reach your target audience.

Part of our process is helping our clients source and format the images they want on their Squarespace website.

Source and Format Free Images from Unsplash for your Squarespace Website

For our clients, I created 7 step-by-step screenshare training videos so that they understand the content wrangling process.

To build a website - whether you go for a full on design and brand with a designer like Sarah,  opt for an efficient design in a day process, or do it yourself - you need content.

Content = conversion-friendly text and images.

For conversion copy we mean - Will your ideal clients sign up to your newsletter? Will they call you or visit your shop?

How will your copy help you achieve your website goals?

For images - you need to label them with keywords and format them before you upload them to your Squarespace website.

Ok - here's the situation. While I was making the training videos for our clients, the app I was using seemed to be glitching. (Update, yes, they had server problems).

It's a temp glitch, but I'm on a deadline today - so I had to think of a workaround.

This blog post and YouTube video is the workaround.

Here's the video (for our clients and for you, dear reader) on how to source a free image from Unsplash and format it for your Squarespace website.

Update (April 20, 2017) - I've been hearing weird stories about people downloading images that they thought they were allowed to use (with the license) and then being threatened with a lawsuit. Some of these lawsuits are bogus. The advice I've seen out there as a result of these stories is to screenshot the license on the day that you download. In the case of Unsplash - I couldn't figure out a good way to do this except to screenshot the image with the name of the photographer and the download icon...but otherwise? Anyway - up to you. Here's a sample of what the Unsplash download screenshot looks like:

Screenshot of image with download icon.

Screenshot of image with download icon.


Disclaimer - check with your lawyer if you have any legal questions about sourcing free images from Unsplash or any other stock photo sharing site. After reading the license, I'm comfortable using the free photos from Unsplash, but if you're not, it's always good to double check.


While you're here are you intrigued by Design in a Day? If yes, get in touch to find out if it's exactly what you need to have a legit online presence fast?


Kath O'Malley - Design in a Day - How to format a free image for your Squarespace Website

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