Encourage your Website Visitors to Take Action with Page Goals.

Keep it Simple:  Prep for Your Squarespace Website Series
This blog post is the third in a 4-part series on how to prep your Squarespace website before you fiddle around with the tech side of it all.

FYI, this whole series covers just Step 2 of the 10 Step Guide to Setting Up Your Squarespace Website from Scratch. For the full monty, read that linked post!

Set Specific Goals for your Squarespace website Pages

If you've been following along in this series, then you should have already:

You’re keeping it simple because you know that your website will grow and shift with your business. That’s the beauty of using Squarespace - once you know how to use it, it’s easy to make changes so that your website stays fresh and up to date.

Here are the next 2 steps to preparing your Squarepace website before you even log in.

Step 1

Decide on the goal for each one your pages.

Step 2

Decide one main call to action for each page.

What is a call to action?
A call to action is something you ask your website visitor to do such as

  • sign up for your newsletter

  • click a link to another page or blog article

  • get in touch with you by filling in a short form.

Don't spend too much time at this stage in your web build process figuring out what your site visitors will and should do.

Simply decide on a page goal, add a call to action and watch how your visitors behave over a couple of months. Tweak your pages if needed based on your visitors behaviours.


We interrupt this blog post to let you go play.


Listen, you still don’t need to log into your Squarespace account to do these 2 steps. But, I get it, you’re eager to dive right in. Go for it, if you really want to. Nothing like hands on learning, imo.

Here's a tip if you want to dive right in:

1. Copy and paste in Cupcake Ipsum text 
2. Use Squarespace’s default images or grey blocks for your "images."

By doing this, you'll get a feel for how the platform works. If you're trying to learn the Squarespace platform AND be all creative with words, you'll get frustrated. Don't do that.


Did you go and play for awhile? That’s ok. Thanks for coming back.


What are the 4 or 5 most important pages on your Squarespace website?

That depends on your business.

We’ll use my website as an example, since you’re already here.

UPDATE: Since writing these posts, my website navigation has changed but the advice stays the same (and I've even followed my own advice!) 


My top 4 pages are:

Home page
(Note: it’s a long scrolling page, so we’ll look at just the top section)

  • Goal: encourage Squarespace web designers to sign up for my newsletter

  • Call to Action: a newsletter sign up form with a free opt in (a sample word count cheatsheet)

About Page

  • Goal: Find out about me and the benefits to working with me

  • Call to Action: Text Links to my Work with Me pages so potential clients can find out more about what I do.

Work with Me
(Drop Down Menu - two pages - one for Squarespace web designers & another for service-based entrepreneurs)

  • Goal for each page: Find out more about the benefits of my services and how I can help

  • Call to action for each page:
    -For Squarespace web designers, get in touch with me.

    - For entrepreneurs and freelancers, click the link to the Design in a Day service page on Sarah Moon’s website. Sarah's a fab and expert Squarespace web designer I’m collaborating with to help entrepreneurs with quick website launches.

Blog Page

  • Goal: Read my Blog Posts

  • Call to Action: I break my own rule of one main call to action per page - my blog page has several calls to action including linking to specific posts, following me on Pinterest, searching blog topics, or checking the archives.




Now it’s your turn.

Start by writing down your page goals and calls to action that a visitor can take on each page.

One more thing - I get that it can be hard to visualize how your website will look. It’s hard to outline things without “seeing” them first - and that’s why you want to get into your Squarespace account and start playing.

One way to'fight this urge'to set up your website before your content is ready is to search for inspirational Squarespace websites and templates and pin them or bookmark them to refer to later.

Stick to the plan!

  • Write down a page goal for each page.

  • Write down a main call to action that visitors can take on each page.

Let's recap.

Here are all the steps you should take before you start building your Squarespace website. 

  1. Decide who your ideal website visitor is (aka potential client or customer)

  2. Decide what the main goal of your website is?

  3. Decide what pages you want in the main navigation (up to 5).

  4. Create a visual sitemap of your website.

  5. Write down a page goal for each page.

  6. Write down a main call to action that visitors can take on each page.

Keep it simple. 

Are you keeping all this information in one place? In a notebook, a Google Drive folder?  If not, do that.

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