3 Reasons Why I Wish Design in a Day Existed for My First Squarespace Website


You bit the bullet and signed up for a Squarespace account. Good for you. 

And, I'm guessing you did what many DIYers do - dove right in and started building your Squarespace site because...

WEBSITE. {Ding ding ding!}

3 Reasons You Need Design in a Day for your First Squarespace Website

Believe me, I get it. I did that too. Thought my website would magically appear - without any real content - and look exactly like the gorgeous Squarespace template I chose.

Didn't happen, of course. What a mess.

Here's why.

1. I didn't have a website goal.

I had a wee business idea (it's since changed) but had no idea what the purpose of my website was and what it should do for me. I simply thought "I need a Squarespace website right now," so I signed up and started poking around.

Sure, I learned Squarespace through trial and error, but my website did NOTHING for me for ages. Kind of just sat there. 

2. I hadn't organized any my content

Yes, I had the fledgling idea and a few notes jotted down, but I hadn't organized my content, hadn't sourced any free or paid stock images - didn't even really know that that was a thing - and hadn't written any draft content for the usual web pages - an about page, a home page, a work with me page.

3. I spent hours and hours tweaking my site for no reason. No logical reason anyway.

Tweaking and updating your website is totally ok. Your business evolves, your offerings change, you refresh your branding, you get custom photography for your site.

Tweaking your website when you have no goal and no plan is not ok. When I did that, I ended up wasting so much time making surface changes that weren't important and ignoring areas of my website that weren't doing the job of converting potential clients into newsletter subscribers or customers. 

It was a learning experience. And I had the time to learn. At the time. (I don't now).

But if I hadn't had time and it was important to me to have an online presence to attract new clients and customers, the Design in a Day process would have been perfect for me.


Design in a Day would have helped me to:

  • figure out my overall website goal and individual page goals. I'd also plan out what I wanted my visitors to do on each page which would inform how I write copy for each of those pages.

  • organize all my content and images in one place before adding it to my Squarespace site so I wasn't wasting time searching for my notes or wondering what kind of image I should upload.

  • be a much smarter tweaker. Now, I'd wait a couple of months, then check Squarespace's built-in analytics to pay attention to how my site visitors behaved. I'd tweak based on their actions (or inactions) rather than make a wild guess as to what I should add and what I should remove.

This year, I partnered up with Squarespace Specialist and graphic designer Sarah Moon to offer Design in a Day for service-based entrepreneurs to get you off to a good start online.

Will Design in a Day help you get your website (that converts visitors to potential clients) launched quickly and efficiently? I bet it can!



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