10 Reasons Why Squarespace is Perfect for Service-Based Businesses

Summer is OVER!

As in really over, here in Saskatchewan. As in, I've had to pull out my woolly socks.

After a relaxing and almost, but not quite, internet-free (and warm) August, I'm back at work and back to blogging about All Things Squarespace. Also, blogging about the fact that I guest posted last month on The Coffee Date by graphic designer & social media marketer Diana Trinh.

(Oh how I love Diana's Pinterest-friendly graphics! And her gorgeous Instagram feed.)

Here's the post.

10 Reasons Why Squarespace is Perfect for Entrepreneurs

If you're too busy to read the whole post, these are my top ten reasons.

  1. Test Squarespace Out. No Credit Card Required.
  2. Create a Cover Page While You Build Out Your Website
  3. Gorgeous Templates + Easy, Drag & Drop Design + Starter layouts
  4. Squarespace is Mobile Responsive and Future Proof
  5. Squarespace Adds New Features Frequently
  6. It’s Easy to Add Calls to Action so Your Squarespace Website Achieves Your Goals
  7. Sometimes Renting is the Best Option
  8. Squarespace has Stellar Customer Service
  9. Squarespace Security Gives you Peace of Mind
  10. Squarespace Fandom is a Thing

Now, c'mon. Aren't you curious to read more? Here's the link again:  10 Reasons why Squarespace is Perfect for Entrepreneurs.