Why I Joined International Batching Day - Yes, It's a Real Day.

Joining Melissa Cassera's International Batching Day

I was on a bus going from Saskatoon to Regina the other day catching up on newsletters from all my favourite entrepreneurs when I stumbled on Melissa Cassera's International Batching Day email.

What's this?

Why, it's a chance for a group of eager entrepreneurs to spend a full day (or as long as you want) writing blog, web or any kind of copy or content in batches. 

In other words, get a big chunk of your biz writing or content creation done all at once.

I signed up immediately.

And lo (yes, I said 'lo') - Today is the big day. 

September 29, 2016. International Batching Day.

It's timely.

Had I batched last week, say, I would have had my Tuesday post scheduled and out in time. But, you see, these days, when it comes to working ON my biz, I leave things to the last minute, so, whipping up a how to do something cool in Squarespace blog post (and video and graphic) early Tuesday mornings is my modus operandi.

Yep, I admit. 

But, I was visiting a friend and then on a 3-hour bus ride and then...kids.  You know. Excited to see you. Gotta pay attention to the wee creatures. All that.

So there was no blog post on Tuesday.

Or Wednesday.

But there is one today and I promise you, there will be 5 scheduled in the weekly blog post queue (ok 4, well...maybe 3 - I'll tell you at the bottom because I'm going to crank out the drafts first before I hit publish on this one. Plus I have to make a Pinterest-friendly graphic - yikes, another thing I need to batch!)

Stay tuned.... (ding ding ding, the timer is a-going)

Alright I'm back. And I wrote this blog post and scheduled 3 other blog posts until Oct 18, 2016. All I need to do is add screenshots, Pinterest-y graphics and proofread.

That's 4 blog posts.

Pfew. I can relax. 

Blog Batching for International Batching Day with Melissa Cassera

This was my process.

1. Wrote a goal / purpose for my blog posts.
The goal is this: {subtly but not so subtly} encourage readers to click over to my Work with Me pages for Web Designers and Entrepreneurs. I'll be measuring this to see how many potential clients get in touch after these 4 blog posts are published. (A future blog post perhaps?)

2. Check My Current Editorial Calendar
I chose not to write the posts that are currently listed (with dates and all) because my goal has changed for this 'batch.' 

3. Read over my 'Swipe file' of Blog Headline templates
This included checking several posts that I have saved in my Social Media Pinterest Board.

4. Begin Writing. And writing. And writing.
And Scheduling. And Tagging. And Categorizing. And Finally Doing 1 PInterest Graphic - for this post.

And now it's time for lunch. (And maybe a quick proofread before I hit publish.)

Have any Qs or comments. Pop on over to my FB page - that's where I like to chitter chatter most.