3 Key Benefits to Writing Your Squarespace Page Descriptions ...


...before you build your website.

3 Benefits to Writing your Squarespace page descriptions before Building your Website

I'm going to make a couple of assumptions here before I share the 3 key benefits to writing your Squarespace page descriptions.

You're about to build your client's (or your own) Squarespace website. Maybe you've even started.

You (or your client) have written and rewritten and edited ALL your web copy. All of it. (Ok, most of it.) And your images are perfect. They're resized and ready to upload.

You just want to GO. Get that website done.

Hang on! It's time to write keyword-rich page descriptions

Don't leave this till later. Learn from my past (and current) mistakes. 

Adding keyword-rich page descriptions to your Squarespace pages is something search engines like THE Google pick up on.

In some cases, Google will surface the description in search results so, according to Squarespace, keep your page descriptions to 160 characters. Think Twitter(ish).

(Note: sometimes these page descriptions overlay your banner image and allow you to add a Call to Action button. In this case, you may not want to add a search engine-friendly page description.

Test out your template first, find out if page descriptions can be hidden in the Style Editor of the Design section - if that's what you want. In my current template, Pacific, my page descriptions are hidden when pages are nested in an Index.)

What are the 3 Key Benefits to Writing Page Descriptions before Building a Squarespace Website?


1. You'll have a ready-made list of keywords related to your business.

When you write a page description, it needs to be readable, user-friendly and include industry-specific or niche keywords. This is something I need to do for my own site (ahem) but I have researched keywords and written page descriptions for web designer clients and other entrepreneurs

If you've already written your web copy, you should have a list of essential keywords that can be sprinkled throughout your site - in a natural <Squarespace> way <Web Designer>, of course <Copywriter>. 

Ok that was cheesy.

Cheesy is not a keyword for me, by the way.

Here are a few FREE places to find keywords for your page descriptions and web copy.

Keyword Tool
Google Keyword Planner
Google Trends
And then there's THIS GUY of Answer the Public fame. (Type Squarespace in the search field, then click the Get Answers button. It's brilliant. Not only keywords, you'll also get a bunch of cool blog titles.)


2. You don't put off writing page descriptions or forget about it all together.

What more can I say here. You just get the job done. Then all you have to do is copy and paste your page descriptions into the page description field in your page configuration settings.

Here's the page description for my about page. (Confession time: I just typed it in right now!)

Squarespace Page Description About Page

3. You'll optimize your site for SEO (Search Engine Optimization). 

Ok, I don't really like writing about SEO because it's a big ole topic best left to the experts.

The SEO checklist from Hoot Design Co is perfect because they share actionable, site-wide SEO tips specifically for small biz owners and freelancers with Squarespace websites. Go check out their blog post. It tells you everything you need.

Any Qs or comments, head on over to my FB page and keep the conversation going over there.

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