Want to Duplicate or Copy the Form Block in Squarespace? Try this. (Update 2019)

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Duplicate a Squarespace Form Block

Update Aug 2019 - At this time, you can't copy or duplicate a Squarespace form block within a page or from one page to another. Kind of irritating, truth be told. 

So here’s a hack.

I used to have various pop up contact forms on different pages (and probably still do) and on different sections of pages but having to redo the forms every single time was a pain in the butt.

So, the big change (and workaround) I made on my website was to create 3 separate contact pages that I link out to depending on the service.

Now there’s a dedicated contact page (and form block) for:

If you're not sure what I'm blathering on about, bear with me and keep scrolling. I show how it all works toward the end of this blog post.

I do this because you can’t duplicate a Squarespace form block on the same page or onto another page so having to repeat all the form fields and settings is simply too time consuming.

Here’s a list of what pages and content can and can’t be duplicated in Squarespace.

Have you ever built a Squarespace form?

They're handy. Useful. Totally customizable. Can be used for questionnaires, contact forms, client intakes, surveys, testimonials. You name it. 

But building a Squarespace form can be tiresome. Especially if you can't reuse it on another page. 

So what's the solution? Code is apparently one way. But let's not go there.

The other, non-codey workaround solution is:

  • create a form on a page

  • duplicate that page

  • delete all the content blocks on that page except the form

  • design the new page around the same form.

Does that even make sense?

This how to Duplicate a Squarespace Form video should help.


So, in case you're wondering - what's the difference between the form on the page and the pop up light box mode?

Here's what a form on a Squarespace page (or blog post) looks like using the default settings.

Name *
This is a FAKE form used as an example for this blog post - don't fill it in! :)

Here's what a Form in Light Box Mode looks like using the default settings.

(To set this up, in the Form Block, click Advanced --> Scroll Down --> Enable Light Box Mode --> Type the text into the Open Button Label field.)

(If you have any questions about this video, get in touch. And if you're new to Squarespace - whether you're a web designer or DIYing your site - check out the 10 Step Guide to Setting Up a Squarespace Website from Scratch.)

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