How to Embed Facebook Live and Uploaded Videos onto a Squarespace Page

How to Embed Facebook Videos to Squarespace

UPDATE: I wrote a blog Post on Nov 28 about how to make your embedded FB live & regular videos mobile-friendly (ish) after a reader asked how to fix the cropped video thumbnail in mobile. (I hadn't noticed). The fix I found is not the perfect fix, but it's better than before. 

A note (depending on when you read this post) - if you already know how to add YouTube and Vimeo videos to Squarespace - by simply adding the video URL to the video block - there's a good chance that Squarespace will make it so that you can do the same with Facebook video URLS in the future.

But for now, as of Sept 13, 2016, you need to grab some code.  

This here post is all about how to do that. Both videos are about 2.5 minutes long.

Before you watch, another couple of NOTES:  

  • To expand the videos, watch them on Facebook by clicking the F in the bottom right corner.
  • Also, once you're on Facebook, click the gear icon (looks like a sun), to adjust the settings if the video is blurry.

Video 1 - How to Embed a Facebook Live Video onto a Squarespace Page


To grab the iframe code for a Facebook Live Video, just click this the Facebook Code Configurator Link. 



Video 2 - How to Embed a Video Uploaded to Facebook onto a Squarespace Page



Chat takes place place over on FB - if you have any questions or comments or, heck, a better way to do this that I don't know about, come chat over at Kath O'Malley.

And if you're new to Squarespace, check out the 10 Step Guide to Setting Up a Squarespace Website from Scratch.