I forgot today was blog post Tuesday

I forgot it's Blog Post Tuesday

I consider myself lucky that today is an Oops in Business blog category day.


Because, Oops. I forgot it was Tuesday.

I blog every Tuesday on one of three categories. The three categories are

So yeah, I forgot today was Tuesday but at least this week it's the Mistake category week.


I blame school holidays. I have no clue what day it is and haven't for a week now.

I could blame myself too but why would I do that when I can blame something else. 

Like school holidays!

A good friend of mine and business mentor - Jacqui Miyabayashi - suggested I start and end each day by working on my business for 30 minutes minimum.

No matter how busy I think (or actually) am.

She's right. You have to keep an eye on your business and make time for it.

If I had prioritized my business this morning instead of checking email first thing, I would have realized today was Tuesday - Blog post Tuesday - and written what I had intended to write.

Writing my posts also means I can share them with the right peeps and on my social media platforms which will bring eyeballs to my site and possibly ... a lead. Then a client. The topics I've planned over six months are also meant to bring people to my site organically who are looking for the kind of help I can offer them. So, they are also strategic and very specific. At least I think so.


Back to this blog post.

I don't know if I want to share it around the web. This post is rather blathery. My kids are hanging around my office, chatting with me, chatting with each other, asking me questions, asking me for snacks even though they JUST HAD BREAKFAST. (What in the ever lasting heck is that about?)

Just give me a minute, I say. Which stretches into five. Then ten. Then MOMMMMYYY, YOU PROMIIIIIIIIIIIISED....

Work + kids in same room = not gonna get done.

Or not going to get done well. Or not going to get done efficiently.

This morning, I did have 30 minutes of kid-free quiet time.

Had I spent even 30 minutes on my business, I would have checked my editorial calendar (which has 6 month's worth of topics in it! Pat on the back), planned out my post based on today's topic and started writing. 

But with the kids around and the time I have to post (about 20 minutes max before all hell breaks loose), that's not going to happen. So today's official topic will have to wait 3 weeks.

Having said that, here I am, showing up, being consistent and writing something, at least. 

So if you learn one thing from my mistake today (that I forgot today was Tuesday), it's to stay consistent. Show up even if it's for 5 or 10 minutes and do that one or two things that needs doing.

Which, for me, is this blog post. 

Will I share it around social media today? I guess so.

Consistency, right.

(And I'd better just get on that - my son is saying Lunk, lunk, lunk, lunk over and over again and louder and louder and I'm guessing it means All Hell's About to Break LoOSe!)

...and it has...

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