Why Squarespace Starter Layouts are good for both DIYers and Web Designers

Squarespace Starter Layouts

Squarespace recently rolled out its starter layouts feature sometime last week. 

You can read about how to build a stunning website page using Squarespace Starter Layouts on the Squarespace blog.

And / Or ...

Watch the video (keep scrolling) on how to set up an About page using the starter layout feature.

Other layouts include image-only pages, features pages, contact pages, team pages, and more.

For DIYers, especially those of us who are not design-savvy, it's a godsend. It well and truly is.

For web and graphic designers, before you roll your eyes, read on. Starter layouts are a great feature for showing your clients how important it is to keep their web copy short and sweet. You'll be designing and developing a customized website for your client's business so you don't want ridiculous amounts of copy to design for.

One of the biggest issues my web designer clients have is dealing with excessive copy from their own clients. These starter layouts demonstrate exactly how many words or lines a design should have, something your clients might not understand without seeing it first.

To learn how to edit a starter layout on Squarespace, watch these step-by-step instructions.



Right, no more dilly dallying, my DIY / Design peeps. Get your gorgeous Squarespace website set up pronto by starting with a starter layout.