How to Write for the Squarespace Template You Choose


If you're a service-based business like mine, with one-to-one clients, you probably don't need a whole lot of fancy doodads on your Squarespace site.

Chances are you need a Home Page, an About Page, a Services/Work with Me Page and a Blog - that is, if you plan to blog. If you want visitors to sign up to your mail list, you need to place your newsletter sign up block in a prominent spot. 

Really, nothing too fancy.

 Squarespace has you covered. 

Word Counts and Web Copy for Squarespace Websites

And if you’re hiring someone for a brand and web design, your Squarespace web designer has you covered. 

You know what the main goal of your website is.

{Hint: You should know.}

  • Visitors sign up to your newsletter.

  • Visitors call you.

  • Visitors submit a form requesting a quotation.

  • Visitors sign up for a workshop.

Knowing your goal should make it easier to pick a Squarespace template that suits your business's needs and helps you share your message with your potential clients.

So we're good, right.

If you DIY, your next step (probably) is you organize your images, you create your free opt in, and prepare your copy.

And that's where things start to fall apart. The web copy that isn't quite web copy.

It's essay copy. It's boring ME ME ME copy. It's simply too long winded. 

Wordy web copy screws up a Squarespace template design - the one you chose because it functions and looks the way you need it to.

All of your sudden, you're thinking, "my site looks like crap." It doesn't look how the template is laid out. What's going on? 

It's because you've written too much.

Trust me. I KNOW!

Worse, if you're a Squarespace web designer using a template as a base for your client's business, your client’s copy is probably all wrong. A 5-page essay just for the About page. Right? RIGHT! 

You and your client have chosen a template together that suits their business goals and that you will customize in a way that the basic template doesn't quite capture.

And then they send over their copy. (Or they don’t send any copy at all! Gulp.)

How do you design around rambling, not-getting-to-the-point web copy?

There is no one size fits all solution, but there is a process you can try to make building your or your client's website more simple.

In two words:  Word Counts.

Ugh. Word Counts. 

There’s even a handy, free tool online that counts words for you - Word Counter

Look, you may think word counts are dumb, restrictive, hamper your verbal creativity. (Or your clients might think that.)

But, if you want to keep it simple, count the words in your template for headings, tag lines, captions, links and paragraphs for each section of the Squarespace template you've chosen to help you write in the best way possible.

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