From One to Nine Pinterest Boards All about Squarespace

Pinterest Boards All About Squarepace

I don't spend a lot of time on Pinterest - I didn't before I started a business and I'm not on it much now.

Sometimes, I use it to find inspiration, but mostly I having been using it to pin blog posts on how to use Squarespace

I'd pin all the articles in one board called "All Things Squarespace."

A couple of weeks ago, I analyzed every single helpful, informational, educational post I had pinned in the All Things Squarespace board and categorized each one.

From One to Nine Pinterest Boards All About Squarespace

I ended up with 9 different categories of Pinterest board. These are the clever board titles I came up with:

  • About Squarespace

  • Squarespace Page Layout and Content Blocks

  • Squarespace Tips and Tricks

  • Squarespace Design

  • Squarespace CSS and Customization

  • Squarespace and Blogging

  • Squarespace and Social Media

  • Squarespace and Email Marketing

  • Squarespace Metrics and SEO

Right, how's them titles for clever, eh.

Now, I have no proof because I sometimes forget to do important things in my own business like keep a visual record of follow counts but, prior to categorizing my Pinterest boards, I had something like 70 follows which hadn't budged in months.

Now, in 2 weeks, with very little repinning, engaging or doing any of that stuff I'm supposed to do on Pinterest, I have 107 follows. 

And now I have proof.

Click this handy image to follow one or all of my Squarespace Pinterest boards.

Click this handy image to follow one or all of my Squarespace Pinterest boards.


Will these follows convert for me someday? Possibly. My metrics show that Pinterest is referring about 1% traffic since I redid my PInterest boards and while that's low, it's much better than before, which was zero.

I like being helpful. So do a lot of other Squarespace web designers and Squarespace fans who share their knowledge about this web builder platform and how to use it on their blogs.

So, why not keep all this help in one place. For me, it's all on Pinterest. And if you're there too, stop by and say hello.

Or follow. :) 

And if you have a post about Squarespace and all the cool things it can do, get in touch and I'll pin it to one of my boards.