How to Change the Layout of your Squarespace Summary Block

Squarespace Summary Block Layout

A few weeks ago, I wrote about why you should make your Squarespace blog graphics pinnable.

You'll note that my graphics are now pinnable (go on, pin away), but that means that the grid style I use on my blog page doesn't look as nice.

It's because the images are now vertical instead of square.


No problem. What I've done is changed the layout in the Squarespace summary block by making the images vertical instead of square.

The Squarespace summary block, you ask?

Summary blocks display your blog posts in a kind of magazine style layout.

Even though you may love the Squarespace template you've chosen, you may not thrilled about how your blog posts are displayed. Creating a separate page and adding a summary block to showcase your blog is one solution.

The video below will show you -

  • how to add a summary block. (You'll need a collection of some sort - a collection of blog posts, products or events)
  • style the summary block

(Warning - I was half asleep when I made this video and could hear the kids starting to wake up. No script, a bit blathery, but it does show you what to do. Promise!)



By the way, right after I post this post, I'm going to be pinning it to my Squarespace Page Layout and Content Block Board.

Are you following this Pinterest board yet? If not, click the above link to follow away on Pinterest. I have nine boards dedicated to Squarespace. You have your pick.