How to create a text link in Squarespace

How to create a text link in Squarespace

Stop! Wait!

Before you roll your eyes and mumble, sheesh, everyone knows how to insert a hyperlink, hear me out.

I once thought the same. I never bothered learning how to insert a link in Squarespace because I already knew how.

Doesn't everyone?

So, for this Squarespace site, I'd write my web copy or my blog posts and when it came time to link - either externally or internally, I'd go find the web address in the browser, copy it, highlight the word or phrase I wanted to link, click the little slanted 8 up in the text block editor, paste the web address and voila - a hyperlink in Squarespace. 

Simple enough. 

But, it gets even simpler. Really. It does. 

The 3 types of text links you can create in Squarespace. 

  1. External - link to another website, an email or a phone number.
  2. Content - link to pages, posts and collections on your own website.
  3. File - link to uploaded files (that your visitors can then download).

The External text link is pretty straightforward. But in case you're not sure, Squarespace has a nifty video tutorial on how to create a text link in their support section. 

The Content link is for pages and collections within your Squarespace website and let me admit right here that I had NO idea for the longest time. It's a super cool, time-saving feature, although it doesn't seem to link to blog posts, just categories. (As far as I can tell.)

Seriously, watch that Squarespace How To video. Even if you think you already know how to link!

The File link is for new or existing uploaded files. Perfect for if you want your readers to be able to download free content.