Why it's a good idea to make your Squarespace Blog Graphics Pinterest-friendly

Pinnable blog graphics for a Squarespace blog

When I first started this blog, back in December, I whipped up some cheesy blog graphics in Canva.

I even blogged about it.

I wanted to keep my weekly blog posting routine simple by using the same graphic or type of graphic per blog category, so I batch-created these blog graphics and have been using them ever since.

Sometimes I change the image, sometimes the text. In the Oops, Biz Mistakes I Make category, it's always the same stern teacherly face that stares out at you every 3rd week.

Lucky you.

Squarespace Website Mistakes
All Things Squarespace Blog Graphic
Online Business Tools I Use Blog Graphics

As you can see, they're all square.

Meanwhile, I had enabled the Pin It button on my Squarespace site because I read somewhere it's a good idea.

I've noticed that some of my traffic does indeed come from Pinterest which means people are pinning my images from my blog posts to one of their boards. Or they've found one of my PInterest boards and have clicked through to my website.

The problem is, when you pin my stuff, it looks like this:

Not PInterest-friendly Blog Graphic

Then I started reading blog posts on why and how to create Pinnable blog graphics and I'm all, dang, I gotta do this.

But when?

And do I make them in Canva? Or Photoshop? Or PicMonkey? Or the brand new Adobe Spark?

I don't know yet what my final blog graphic versions for each category will be, but they will be pinnable- aka vertical - and they will get done (eventually), starting with the one at the top of this blog post.  




Entrepreneurs with Pinterest-friendly blog graphics: Round up

If you want to know more about why (or how) to make your blog post graphics Pinnable check out some of these posts below - they also talk about why Pinterest is good for business. Lots to learn from these folk!

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(The next one is more of a how to using Photoshop. I really love Holly McCaig's Photoshop tutorials even though I default to Canva more often than not. Ahem.)

Create Pinnable Blog Graphics Using Photoshop by Holly McCaig.

By the way...

I've also changed my brand colours too. Love these new colours. Fresh and fun. At least I think so!