The old school guide to promoting your blog post on Social media in Under 10 minutes

The old school guide to using social media

Perhaps, like me, you don't have a blog post editorial calendar. (It's on the TO DO list, I promise)

Or, for that matter, no social media calendar either. And no scheduling tools like Hootsuite, Edgar, Buffer or Later.  

Suffice to say, your social media marketing plan and your visual marketing plan is, er, unplanned. 

Perhaps you're still in the winging it, omg, it's blog post Tuesday, I didn't batch blog write this past week, it's gotta get done. So here you are, rushing off a post at the last minute.

(You'll notice that typdo in a couple of days.)

But pat yourself on the back for having written the idea down in your brainstorm list at least.




Here's a 4 step old school social media sharing 'strategy' that I use to promote my blog post on my social media channels immediately after publishing. 

Could it be much much better? Should I be scheduling ahead of time? Of course. But, baby steps.

Step 1: Write blog post at last minute. Hit Publish.

Step 2: Pin it to board dedicated to blog posts in Pinterest.

Step 3: Copy the link to my Facebook page - add a pithy post to go with it.

Step 4: (New) Use the Social Share doohickey at the bottom of the post to tweet it.

It's a bit like shouting in the wind - and I come from a very windy province in Canada - but at least you're populating your social media spaces and have stuff out there for people to find and share.

Someday, I'll be all - hey I've got a calendar and I've scheduled like crazy, but right now, this is what I do. I also share my post here and there in FB groups when permitted (and that's where real engagement happens too), but that's for another blog post. 

Simplify, my peeps.

Don't worry about the shiny automated scheduling tools if it's too much to handle right now.

Write your post, hit publish, quickly share where ever you happen to 'be', then get on with your day.